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Would you like access to a system to help you produce profound and lasting change in your life?

A system that can help you move past blockages you may have struggled with for years?

A system that can help you manifest more easily?


Based on the Channeled Teachings
of Archangel Gabriel, that system is . . .

The Divine Combination

In this course, you will discover:

  • The essential elements of the Divine Combination

  • Why they are important

  • How to use them together

  • How to use them to open the doorway to activate a path of grace, ease and beingness

  • Channeled meditations led by Archangel Gabriel to experience each element of the system more deeply and personally

  • Six classes (mp3s) teaching the system

Class 1: Surrender and Faith

In this class you will experience:

  • An introduction to the Divine Combination
  • What it will do for YOU
  • An overview of the essential elements of the system
  • An examination of the elements of surrender and faith
  • How to surrender
  • Tips to stay surrendered no matter what
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience surrender and faith

Class 2: Flow

In this class you will experience:

  • What is the Flow?
  • How do you Flow?
  • What Flow will do for you
  • Why Flow is important
  • The role that gratitude plays
  • Tips to stay in the Flow
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience surrender with faith in the Flow


Class 3: Trust

In this class you will experience:

  • The important role in the Divine Combination system
  • What Trust will do for you when you have it
  • Tips to stay in a place of Trust
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience the element of Trust, and how to use it to stay in surrender, faith and flow


Class 4: Acceptance and Allowing

In this class you will experience:

  • The importance of Acceptance and Allowing
  • What elements they come from and support
  • The activation of peace and patience
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience Acceptance and Allowing


Class 5: Using the Divine Combination as a Manifestation Tool

In this class you will experience:

  • Exploration of the essential elements of manifestation
  • How to use the Divine Combination to manifest more easily
  • How the Divine Combination helps you step into your role of Empowered Co-Creator
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience co-creating with the Universe

Class 6: The Highest Application of the Divine Combination and the Activation of Grace and Ease

In this class you will experience:

  • The explanation of the highest application of the Divine Combination
  • What Joyful Service is and how to achieve it
  • How to move into grace and ease
  • Tips for continued success with the Divine Combination moving forward
  • FINAL Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to experience all of the elements utilized for the highest good of all


My Go-To System
“The Divine Combination course is powerful and I am so grateful that it came into my life. I am working my way through it slowly and it is becoming my go-to operating system for how I navigate each day and different situations that come up. I find great comfort and reassurance, from everything I am learning from it. Thank you.” — Margaret De Milo


The Secret to Ascension
“These beautiful courses, Divine Combination and Choosing a Beautiful, Magical Life, are the “secret” to ascension and enlightenment in this life! Thank you Shelley and Gabriel for offering these simple powerful amazing tools to all of us!” — Helene LavenderMoon 


Positive Changes in Only Weeks
“I have recently taken both Partnership with Spirit and The Divine Combination and can say they are profoundly life-changing. These courses give very clear directions and tools for an empowered path ahead. Shelley is a delightful, compassionate and at time hilarious teacher, and she manages to present these ideas in simple and powerful ways. In a matter of weeks, positive changes are visible in my life and the sense that I am able to unlock doors that previously seemed closed. I’m most thankful that my path has taken me in this direction and I look forward to working with Shelley in the near future again. I can highly recommend these wonderful courses and this inspirational lady.” — Lynn C., Scotland


Left Me With Peace
“The Divine Combination course has left me with a peace that only comes when you know, absolutely know, that all is well and is exactly as it should be. Shelley presents the material with love and simplicity. No matter where you are on your journey, this course will give you a new perspective on your life and a sense of peace as you live it.” — Martha from Quebec, Canada


A Life-Changing Course
“Taking the spiritual development courses with Shelley has helped me to fully discover my own inner light and create a more meaningful life. The most life-changing course for me was the Divine Combination. It helped me learn how to navigate the waters to bring me to my highest alignment. I began the course in a very dark place, knowing that something had to change but feeling paralyzed by fear and doubt and ultimately a lack of direction. While taking the Divine Combination course I found myself learning how to set and achieve my desired path through the elements taught in the course. Through the practice of these elements, I have changed my life in exceptional ways. I am living the life that I have always wanted, free from fear and negativity. I am pursuing dreams that I had abandoned in the name of practicality and self-doubt, and in pursuing those dreams, my life experience has become richer than I could ever have imagined. My entire energy and state of being has been completely transformed and I have become fully open to receiving all of the love, support, and assistance the universe can give me. Learning how to partner with the universe, my angels, and my guides through the Divine Combination course has empowered me to create the most amazing moments in my life and has enabled me to see the endless possibilities that surround me. My deepest gratitude to Shelley and Archangel Gabriel for helping me to realize and embrace the person I was always meant to be.” — Carolyn from Ontario, Canada

Very Powerful
“I’m really enjoying the Divine Combination class! If you are thinking about buying it, I highly recommend it. Very powerful!” — Jennifer Nix

Shelley Young

SHELLEY YOUNG is the owner of Trinity Esoterics where she has worked as a hypnotherapist, teacher, author, spiritual advisor, speaker and internationally recognized channel of Archangel Gabriel for the past 19 years.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, she is now based in Southwest Florida where she remains dedicated to raising spiritual awareness in ways that are straightforward and easy to understand to help people step into their own authentic power and most satisfying life expressions.

Shelley Young Limited Time Special Offer!

67% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $300

Now Only $99


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