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Based on the Channeled Teachings
of Archangel Gabriel. . .

The Most Important Element of Them All

Archangel Gabriel describes self-love as being the “final frontier” of the enlightenment process and the “keys to the kingdom.”


Self-love is an essential element for us to move forward in any area of life. Not only does self-love help you in your evolutionary journey, it shifts you out of only giving to both giving and receiving, from only healing others to allowing yourself to be healed, too.

It’s about moving you into a much fairer flow of balance that you may have been missing in your desire to be of service to others.

Many people try to practice self-love but find it difficult to do. That is likely because there are core aspects that are missing from their self-love practice that are not in place, that you may not even realize are necessary!

This course is designed to take a close look at the four essential pillars of self-love, belief systems and conditioning that have been standing in the way of it, and much more.

If you have felt like your growth or spiritual practices have been stalled, it may be that it is your own love you’ve been seeking all along.

Is it time to meet yourself with greater love and acceptance than you’ve ever experienced before?

This course can help you do just that!

What you will experience with the course:

  • How to evoke self-love, self-care, self-acceptance, self-presence and self-respect to transform every area of your life
  • Become more patient and calmer
  • Have a greater respect for yourself, and find it easier to practice healthier boundaries (and people will treat you better as a result)
  • Have more energy to be of better service to yourself
  • Have healthier connections with others
  • Deep healing
  • Channeled meditations led by Archangel Gabriel to deepen the experience
  • Six classes (mp3s)

Class 1: Self-Love — An Overview

In this class you will experience:

  • The importance of 4 elements
  • The Divine Combination
  • The Four Core Elements of Self-Love
  • Why self-love is so important
  • Why it is so hard to do
  • What self-love will do for you
  • Why you want to deepen your self-love practice
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to connect with self-love guides and surrender into a self-love practice

Class 2: Self-Care

In this class you will experience:

  • Self-care as the entry point of the self-love process
  • Signs you may need to focus on your self-care
  • Physical self-care
  • Mental self-care
  • Spiritual self-care
  • Navigating beyond old conditioning
  • Moving beyond self neglects
  • Inner child aspects
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to see what you are doing really well in terms of self-care and what you could improve upon and connecting with your inner child.

Class 3: Self Acceptance

In this class you will experience:

  • The habit of begrudging self-acceptance also known as “I’m a hot mess, but I guess I’ll love myself anyways”
  • Signs you may need to focus on your self-acceptance
  • The problem with troubleshooting mode
  • The importance of self-forgiveness
  • Finding purpose in regret
  • The importance of forgiving others
  • Your innocence
  • Shifting into becoming a safe person for yourself
  • The importance of self-honor to move into a fairer model of self-acceptance
  • What a truer acceptance of self will do for you
  • Settling into authenticity and how it’s your gift to the world
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to discover your Divine spark and finding purpose in regret.

Class 4: Self-Presence

In this class you will experience:

  • What is self-presence
  • Signs you may need to focus on your self-presence
  • What self-presence will do for you
  • Why self-presence is so important to your spiritual journey
  • How to practice self-presence
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel looking at yourself with eyes of love and acceptance. Feeling how your own presence feels absolutely amazing and supports you in moving into your highest expression of self.

Class 5: Self-Respect

In this class you will experience:

  • What self-respect really is
  • Signs you may need to focus on your self-respect
  • Understanding the importance of the energy you hold
  • What self-respect will do for you
  • Defining boundaries
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Common stages people go through when faced with unwanted change
  • Normalizing being treated well
  • Creating your own healing space
  • Decisions moving forward
  • Breaking out of old patterns
  • Becoming a safe and predictable person for others
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to see the progress you have made with your self-love practice. Being shown ways you respect yourself well. Being show ways you don’t respect yourself that you may not even be aware of, and seeing ways to improve that. Seeing ways your self-respect improves your relationships with others.

Class 6: Moving Forward With Your Self-Love Practice

In this class you will experience:

  • Making the sacred commitment to yourself
  • The importance of consistency
  • Signs you may need to deepen the entirety of your self-love practice
  • Continued healing
  • Having compassion for yourself if you falter
  • Healing resentment
  • The reparenting process
  • Positive changes in your life
  • Your embodiment process
  • Serving the planet
  • Channeled Meditation with Archangel Gabriel to see your soul self and observing the growth and expansion you have experienced as you have deepened your self-love practice. Activating your reparenting process. Seeing how you have become so much more open to love through the work you have done. Making the sacred commitment to continue on with your self-love practice, understanding it is for your highest good and the highest good of the planet.


A Game Changer
“The self-love course is a game changer. I feel like the concept of self-love is discussed often but rarely is the embodiment of self-love explained. This course does just that — a guidebook to easily implement the principles in your everyday life. I loved it!” — S.L.


So Impactful I Took It Twice
“I had the wonderful opportunity to take Shelley’s self-love course and I cannot tell you how life changing it was. It made me understand and respect who I am more than I ever have before. The amazing part too is that it is applicable to all parts of my life making it such a well-rounded course. The course was so impactful that I actually took it twice. This is a truly marvelous course with insightful material that inspires the most wonderful kind of introspection applicable to all. I have recommended and will continue to recommend this course which scores a 10/10 for me.” — Lucas D. A.


Positive Changes From the First Module
“I have just completed the self-love course and couldn’t recommend it more highly. I have done many courses, over a number of years, by a variety of teachers, but I feel this course of “Self Love” is the engine to making all the other elements work . . . I felt myself making changes to my ways of being from the very first module. By the time I had completed the 6 modules I managed to find my honesty with a friend over an issue that I had struggled with for over a year . . . I am now setting more healthy connection points with people on a daily basis. Working with Shelley . . . has been the perfect catalyst for real and visible Self Love resetting. I am so grateful to Shelley for creating this course for us all and I personally look forward to continuing improvements and a much healthier appreciation of myself alone the way.” — Lynne C.

Shelley Young

SHELLEY YOUNG is the owner of Trinity Esoterics where she has worked as a hypnotherapist, teacher, author, spiritual advisor, speaker and internationally recognized channel of Archangel Gabriel for the past 19 years.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, she is now based in Southwest Florida where she remains dedicated to raising spiritual awareness in ways that are straightforward and easy to understand to help people step into their own authentic power and most satisfying life expressions.

Shelley Young Limited Time Special Offer!

50% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $199

Now Only $99


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