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Would you like to get unstuck, heal yourself, manifest what you desire and up-level your intuition in 2023 with proven and simple spiritual tools for FREE?


The Living an Elevated Existence Mind Body and Soul Summit Season 10 is for you if:

  • You are on a spiritual path and ready to make massive progress in every area of your life in the New Year
  • You want actionable advice and simple tools from top experts so you can heal, manifest and enhance your intuition and communication with the Divine
  • You want free gifts and special “summit only” offers to help you on your spiritual path

The truth is . . . it’s a new year, and if you want to make 2023 better than 2022 (and who doesn’t!), then you need to start doing things differently. This summit will give you all you need to do this — to shift yourself and your life — to create more clarity, peace and happiness in all areas of your life. And it’s FREE to join and listen!


  • I have listened to the Living an Elevated Existence Summit for several years and it has been a game changer for me. The quality of the summit is always top notch, and I’ve been introduced to so many great healers and new ideas. It is very inspirational, and I look forward to it every year!

    Kate W.
    North Dakota
  • This summit has made me so much more aware of individuals who are well qualified to assist me whenever I need guidance, healing (spiritually or physically) or I am just looking for additional avenues to expand my consciousness. It is incredibly enriching, and I am still learning from several of the speakers from last year’s summit.

    Lindsay Beth
    Elkhart, IN
  • Not only is this summit inspiring, but it has connected me with some of the most cutting-edge and powerful tools. It offers amazing deals and Tammy is a fantastic interviewer. I always feel inspired and learn something new after each interview. I love it, and can’t imagine a year without these excellent sessions.

    Cristen S
    Washington, DC
  • This summit renewed my life as an energy healer. At a time I was lost, it introduced me to teachers and mentors who became guides on my journey. Tammy always asks her guest the questions I was thinking in my head, not to mention the amazing packages and free gifts.

    Kathleen C

Our Speakers

Join 20+ Healing, Manifestation and Intuition Experts and Bestselling Authors to Elevate Your Life in the New Year!

Deborah King

Medical Intuition

Dee Wallace

Manifesting Healing

Masami Covey

Financial Healing

Marilyn Alauria

Chakra Healing

Ashok Gupta

Retrain the Brain to Heal

Amy Leigh Mercree

Medical Intuition

Tammy Mastroberte

Get Unstuck Now
Dr. Karen Kan on Elevated Existence Summit 2020

Dr. Karen Kan

Autoimmune Healing Secrets

Kourtney Levens

Answers from Angels

Lisa Barnett

Akashic Records Healing

Anna Grace Taylor

Manifest with Angels

Julie Renee

Quantum Healing Secrets

Isabeau Maxwell

Connect to Your Guides

Jeffrey Gignac

Transform Negative Beliefs

Brandy Gillmore

Radical Healing

Denise Mange

Pets as Guides

Alicia Power

Heal the Soul Field

Lynne Brodie

Accessing Your Soul

Lyon Zonamyari

Healing Teacher and Name Analyst

Susan Kennard

Galactic Crystal Healing Chambers

Join Us

Every Tuesday and Thursday

Starting January 11 through March 24, 2022

Live interviews will begin starting January 11 through March 24, 2022 every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 pm Eastern / 12 pm Central / 10 am Pacific.

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Tammy Mastroberte’s “2022 Manifesting Your Desires” Customized Prayer PDF

If you want to manifest change and success in your finances, heath or relationships in 2022, this prayer will jumpstart you way forward by calling in the exact “Higher Help Team” of angels, goddesses, ascended masters and more to work on your behalf, set up new opportunities and send the signs to guide your way!

NOTE: Customized prayers are usually only available to Tammy’s one-on-one clients and students!


Tammy Mastroberte’s “Clearing Blocks to Your Intuition and Signs from the Universe” Guided Meditation

The Universe is always talking to you, guiding you and directing you. Tammy’s No. 1 Amazon bestselling book “The Universe is Talking to You,” shows you how to start listening. With this guided meditation, you will call in angels to work on and dissolve any blocks to hearing and following your intuition AND to noticing signs and answers being sent to guide your way forward.