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The Ultimate Love Connection for You and Your Animal

Bring healing, peace, joy, and LOVE into your home for you and your animal companions. The Love Bundle packages 3 of Joan’s most impactful courses together — enabling you to connect and communicate with your animals at the highest level, understand and solve behavioral challenges, and heal emotional and physical pain.

ITEM 1: Talk to the Animals: Animal Communication for Beginners — A 6-Module Course (Retail Value: $197)
What if you could read your animals mind? What would you learn? How would it help you?

Animals have a way of staring straight into our hearts, and if you’ve ever stared back, you’ve felt their impact on a soul level. Maybe you’ve experienced a moment of understanding, but with no logical explanation, you simply brushed it off. But don’t stop listening because…

Can you hear it? Your Animal is Talking to You.

Animals and humans have powerful connections to one another, But there’s one missing link: direct communication.

But what if instead of wishing to read their mind, you could simply ask them what they’re thinking? Sound impossible?

It’s not only possible, but the answers are at your fingertips. Anyone can learn to talk to animals.

What would it be like if:

  • Your dog experienced pain and you knew exactly where it was?
  • Your horse was agitated and you knew just how to help?
  • Your cat stopped eating and you knew why?

This 6-week, step-by-step program provides measurable techniques for complete confidence as an animal communicator. From there you will build your telepathic muscle to become more intuitive and compassionate with all living creatures.

In a mix of pre-recorded video and audio lessons you will discover  

Animal Communication – Focused on dogs, cats and horses

Telepathy – How to communicate through pictures, words and feelings

Scanning – The basic principles of medical intuition

Communication with All Life – A Guided Meditation

Healing – An introduction of EFT for animals (Emotional Freedom Technique)


  • A pre-recorded call with Linda Tellington-Jones on TTouch
  • A pre-recorded call with Lola Michelin on The Benefits of Animal Massage
  • A pre-recorded call with Frances Cleveland on Essential Oils and Animals
ITEM 2: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for You & Your Animals: A 7-Class Digital Course (Retail Value: $197)

This digital EFT Tapping Kit takes you from beginner to advanced for both animals and people!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) addresses behavioral and emotional issues, performance blocks, wellness challenges, fear and anxiety for people and animals. Once learned, this skill will be yours to spread throughout the world for a lifetime!

Taught by Joan and guest experts, you’ll receive audio, video, and downloadable materials to guide you from a beginner to an expert in this life-changing technique!

Complete with 7 prerecorded classes, an EFT handbook, tapping videos, EFT charts and access to my Joan’s EFT videos, you will be led on a journey of discovery, science, mind-body connection, energy and healing. And then … you’ll be able to share your gift with others.

And because it’s yours forever, you can brush up on this timeless skill again and again!

This course also include these SPECIAL BONUSES!

  • Bonus 1: Audio: Introduction to Animal Communication with Joan Ranquet
  • Bonus 2: Audio: Cyndi Dale, Author, Intuitive, Healer
  • Bonus 3: Audio: Margaret Ann Lembo on Crystals
  • Bonus 4: PDF/Booklet: How to Enhance Intuition by Joan Ranquet

This class will demystify EFT and teach you how to safely and effectively heal others.

You’ll discover:

  • You don’t have to be an animal communicator to make up a script
  • The tapping points on people and animals
  • When to tap on the animal or person
  • How to tell if the animal is shifting
  • And a whole lot more!


The lessons in this course include:

Lesson 1: Welcome

Lesson 2: Setting Intention

Lesson 3: Do I Tap on the Animal or the Person?

Lesson 4: Signs an Animal is Shifting

Lesson 5: Creating a Script

Lesson 6: Creating an EFT Script for a Person

Lesson 7: Tapping on Claudia

Lesson 8: Tapping on Barnaby the Dog

Lesson 9: Support for Your EFT Journey

ITEM 3: Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave: A 6-Lesson Course (Retail Value: $197)

Lear the Scalar Wave Technique for Healing (both people and animals) in this course!

Human beings are made up of energy. Surrounding our body is a field of electromagnetic energy known as the Auric Field. When a disease enters the body or a mood has engulfed you, this is not the beginning – it started long ago as a disruption in this field.

The good news is…

A standing wave of energy (which is Scalar) is more powerful than a disrupted auric field.

And this is a learnable technique to ground yourself and create a scalar wave of energy to bring within. This promotes healing from the inside out at the cellular level.

Learn Joan’s go-to healing technique for over 22 years!

  • Create healing at a cellular level.
  • Mitigate behavioral challenges and physical illness.
  • Understand the chakra system of both humans and animals.
  • Communicate with animals.
  • And more!

Animal lovers like yourself know…

There’s more to your animal’s wellbeing than grooming and toys. They have challenges and fight or flight tendencies you don’t understand. If you can help them get into their parasympathetic nervous system (or out of fight & flight and into a receptive state), the healing can begin. All healing or behavior changes begin with a state of relaxation. Scalar Wave does this and more!

What if you could:

  • Treat your animal from the inside out?
  • Create Relaxation at a deep level, so that…
  • You Create ultimate healing for them at a cellular level?
  • How would life be different for your animal? How would life be different for you?

Scalar Wave is a check-in tool, a powerful meditation and a healing technique all in one!

And simply put, it helps you create an internal energy that radiates out, not only protecting you, but influencing your world!

The technique is broken into 3 parts:

  1. Run energy through your body
  2. Clear the chakras
  3. Bring in scalar wave energy

In the 6 major lessons full of video, audio, and PDF content to guide you along you will discover:

  • The electromagnetic field of humans and animals,
  • What happens when they merge (morphic resonance or swarm theory)
  • Chakra system basics for both humans and animals,
  • How to clear the electromagnetic field by running energy
  • How to clear the chakras
  • How to bring in a scalar wave
  • Psychic surgery
  • How to communicate with animals and more!
ITEM 4: BONUSES – Two E-Books (Retail Value: $19.98)

You will also get the below e-books written by Joan, which are th foundation for how to connect, communicate and empower healing with all animals:

  • Communication with All Life
  • Energy Healing for Animals


Released Stuck Emotions in Dog
“I learned Energy Healing for Animals from Joan as part of my Animal Communication studies, and I am amazed on a daily basis how effective and helpful the EFT (tapping) is when working with animals. I’ve been able to incorporate the technique along with Scalar wave so that my AC business is more well-rounded and serves more people. I had one client in particular whose dog would go crazy barking at any loud trucks or noises outside. She was about to have to re-home him because she lived on a busy street. I was able to use the AC skills I’ve learned with Joan to uncover what his past issues were about loud noises, and using EFT we were able to let him release the stuck emotions of helplessness and confusion. He only needed one session to clear a ton of issues and after that we did a short session to clear any remaining issues. And the end of the story? Happy owner / happy dog.” — Sue Harriss


It Really Works
“Son of a gun . . . it really works! I tried Joan’s EFT tapping on my dog. This girl is so bonded to me that she will do anything to stay at my side. If I leave her home alone she jumps fences, bends aluminum fence slats to squeeze through, breaks through locked dog doors. She will bloody herself to get to me. We finally got a heavy duty ‘gorilla cage’ crate to keep her home when we leave. And as much as she loves walks and runs, if my husband tries to take her for a walk, she throws herself on the ground, trembling, looking pitifully back at the house for me. She’s a full grown golden retriever so he can’t just scoop her up and carry her. Yesterday, after watching a couple of Joan’s EFT videos, I gave it a try. I really didn’t expect it to work after just one session. She trotted happily down the driveway with my husband and never looked back. Today, it was the same. This is Magical!” — Andrea Bailey Loper

My Go-To Modality for My Dog
“Joan’s energy healing for animals course is just down right amazing. Not only is it informative but Joan is funny as well as knowledgeable. Throughout the course Joan teaches you EFT, which for me has become my “go to” modality. It has helped my dog with her anxiety tremendously and now I am using EFT to help my new dog settle in. Thank you Joan for all you do! This planet is a better place cause of you.” — Carri


Useful for So Much
“I have found the skills learned in Joan’s EFT class useful I many areas of my life. As an Animal Communicator, I have helped long standing behavior and training problems improve in many species. It has made my relationship with my own animals more peaceful and fun. I saw a lameness in my horse disappear in one session just recently. The humans in my life have benefitted, too. Besides anxiety subsiding, and confidence growing, one friend replaced some difficult clients with wonderful ones with ease. Joan uses story to help lessons touch our hearts as well as our minds. The class is great time with friends!” — Jodi Short


Easy and Powerful Technique
“Scalar wave is an amazing technique, it’s easy to execute and so powerful. I use it a lot on sick and hurt animals. And sometimes for behavior issues as it seems to have a calming effect. I also use it on myself and have found that it has plenty of benefits. Joan is an amazing teacher who not only teaches techniques, but also helps her students connect with their power.” — Marie-Christine

Fascinating and Fun
“Scalar Wave is part of how I walk through the world these days. The awareness of our cellular perfection, and perfectly ordered bodies brings me peace, joy, and healing. Learning all of this in Joan’s classes is both fascinating and fun! And being able to bring this to the beings in our lives makes the planet a better place.” — Jodi Short

Joan Ranquet

JOAN RANQUET is an Animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House and Sounds True author, educator, and animal guardian, who leads an inspired life. It’s no surprise MSN has deemed her one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love.” Her TEDx talk, “The Rainbow Bridge: Animals in Transition,” has over 305,000 views.

Joan has connected with animals professionally for over 25 years, and she’s connected with them personally for as long as she can remember. Her calling has led her to work with hundreds of thousands of animal guardians, animal trainers, barn managers, veterinarians, sanctuaries, wildlife, rehab and therapeutic riding centers — teaching animal communication and energy healing through workshops, wildlife retreats, and private sessions.

Her hands-on animal communication and energy healing process troubleshoots behavioral and medical issues, stimulates healing (in conjunction with conventional treatment), and deepens her clients’ abilities to care for and understand their animals. She believes the capacity to attune to animals and work with them energetically is not a gift for the select few, but an innate ability we can all access with guidance. Thus she teaches down-to-earth skills that enable her students to communicate consistently and confidently with animals.

In 2009, Joan founded Communication with All Life University, a program that offers beginning through advanced training and certification in: animal communication, energy healing and nature and wildlife. Deemed “Celebrity Animal Communicator” in an AMC Channel documentary, Joan has been featured in dozens of media outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, “Pet Nation” on Dateline NBC, Today on NBC, Good Morning America on ABC, Animal Planet, the National Enquirer, and the Los Angeles Times.

Joan Ranquet Limited Time Special Offer!

50% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $591

Now Only $297


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