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30-Minute One-on-One Reading with Geri Karabin

Your Choice of an Animal Communication Reading, Intuitive Coaching, or Psychic Medium Reading

“Connecting with humans and animals energetically, to me, is an honor. Whether I’m helping a client move through grief by bringing through a loved one in Spirit, or helping them understand the behavior of their animal, I look at it as being of service and helping them heal.” — Geri Karabin

Geri Karabin is dedicated to authentically holding space for humans and animals in order to facilitate growth, learning and guidance on Earth and in the Spiritual Realm.

Just for Living an Elevated Existence Summit listeners, Geri is offering your choice of a 30-Minute Reading.

You choose how to spend your 30 minutes! Below are the options:

Animal Communication (Alive or on the Other Side)

When Geri taps into an animal’s energy in a reading, she sees, hears and feels the information they want her to know. What most people don’t understand is that the animals in our lives are always acting as our teachers. So, when an Animal is exhibiting a certain behavior, there is always a lesson in it for us. During a reading, Geri encourages clients to bring questions they want to ask the animals around them in order to help get to that lesson.

Geri has worked with dogs with severe separation anxiety, picky eating cats, fighting cats, animals fearing thunderstorms, animals in abusive situations, animals about to transition, and animals already passed — and each of them had a message for the human or humans around them.

In a reading, Geri also connects with your energy so she can better help you understand what these animals are trying to help you with. The goal of a session is to help both you and your animal move forward in right relationship with self and each other.


Psychic/Intuitive Coaching

In a Psychic Coaching session, Geri connects intuitively with both her client and her client’s guides. She will see, feel, and hear what they’re telling her energetically, receiving information about their personality, etc. Then she and the client talk.

Geri’s clients usually come in with a specific issue they’re having trouble with — it could be a relationship issue, a career issue, something to do with family, or how they’re feeling about their life in general. Usually, this situation is creating an inability to move forward. Once Geri knows what’s ‘coming up’ for the client, she goes back to his or her guides and asks them for…well, guidance.

In a reading, Geri helps them shift their thinking so they can let go of core beliefs and gives them tools to use to move forward. Those tools often come from her 20 plus years of studying and teaching the Law of Attraction.

Each session is individual to that client and flows according to his or her needs. Geri invites clients to bring questions they’re looking for answers to and helps them find them. Clients leave with a much better understanding of what’s behind their behaviors and homework to help them continue to move forward.

Readings are done via phone or Zoom (when scheduling your appointment, please specify which you would prefer). All times are Eastern.


Psychic/Mediumship Readings

In a Psychic Mediumship reading, Geri connects psychically and ‘mediumistically’ with those attached to her clients in Spirit.

Geri’s goal in a reading is to be of service to both Spirit and her clients. She starts any reading asking if there is someone her client wants to hear from, then sets an intention to connect.

In her readings, Geri focuses on messages from loved ones in Spirit. It’s as if she, her client and Spirit are having a conversation. Geri encourages clients to come to a reading with questions for their loved ones. Geri’s readings often offer a sense of peace or closure to those left behind.

Readings are done via phone. All times are Eastern.


So Much More Than Expected
“My reading was everything I’d hoped for and more. Geri is so warm and easy to talk to, I felt like I was talking to a friend. My intention was to understand my dog’s behavior, but boy did I get so much more! I wasn’t exactly a skeptic when I called, but I had never done this before, so I wasn’t sure if it would feel generic in some ways. But Geri gave such specific descriptions about my personality and my dog’s, and communicated “from” my dog with a style and a message that leaves no doubt that this is absolutely REAL. I am full of joy and satisfaction at having done this, I have a new direction to go in with my dog, and I will definitely be back for readings with other pets.” — Marla Lobotzke


Blown Away by the Details
“When Geri did my reading, I was blown away by the details that she gave me regarding the people that came through. I knew exactly who she was talking about — she didn’t know these personal details so I knew what I was hearing was truth. While there were several things that I heard that were enlightening, there were two very meaningful things — one from each person — that shed so much light on behavior and decisions made while they were here. What she delivered has given me incredible peace and insight and understanding which ultimately leads to, even more, forgiveness.” — Keverne Denahan


Happier, Healthier and More At Ease
“I treated myself to the package of 5 Intuitive Life Coaching sessions. I had made a lot of growth in my personal growth, but I was feeling stuck. I wasn’t moving forward as I wanted. My chronic health issues were getting worse, and I was in a lot of physical pain. My first session with Geri blew my mind. She hit the mark with all the information she received. Geri’s extensive knowledge of the Law of Attraction helped me to see how I was attracting more health issues and pain by being so focused on what was wrong with me. She helped me to open my eyes to better ways to reach my goals. I feel happier, healthier, and more at ease than I can ever remember. I highly recommend working with Geri, she is authentic, compassionate, and a mind-blowingly accurate intuitive.” — Karen Lindstrom, Ed.S.


Gifted and Kind
“I had a recent reading with Geri, and it was amazing. I recently lost my beautiful cat Pebble Jean and wanted to connect with her. Geri was so spot on with Pebbles’ personality and specifics about our relationship. Although I continue to grieve her loss, I know she is with me every day and is a guide to me. Geri is gifted and kind.” — Danielle Barker


Spot On
“I was introduced to Geri via a charitable event for an organization that provides care, love and hope for cats to be placed in a forever home. I chose her to read Benny, my oldest feline kid. I wanted help with what I felt he had been trying to tell me the past several years. Geri helped me put meaning behind behaviors and actions and confirmed what I felt he was trying to tell me. The things that she brought to my attention were spot on, and there is no way she would have known any of it. After the reading, I felt like I had clarity as to how to proceed with Benny . . thank you Geri, you will make the future for Benny and I even more special.  You truly have a gift and I am blessed that you shared it with me and Benny.” — Pat Altendorfer


Blown Away by Accuracy
“I went into my session with Geri with good expectations. I was however blown away by the amount of information she provided and the 100% accuracy of it all. I’d been feeling like I was getting to a good place spiritually and emotionally when suddenly the good feelings stopped. I came to Geri for guidance hoping that she’d help get me back on the right track. I was surprised to find that the cause of my horse Ciscos undesirable behavior was actually a message from him saying I needed to focus. I was equally surprised when she said she got the same message from my other horse. I felt very comfortable with Geri during our session. She read me, my horses and she spoke to my guides. It was amazing! I felt that she was very honest with me in the information she provided. I’m thrilled with the outcome of this season and will definitely be continuing to work with Geri in the future.” — Jodie Palella

Geri Karabin

GERI KARABIN is a Human and Animal Psychic Medium and started her journey through Shamanic training which is what first began opening her intuition. It was through Shamanism that she was led to animal communication, and then to mediumship. She works with clients through intuitive coaching, psychic readings, mediumship readings and animal communication (both alive and passed on) to bring through messages to help them heal and grow.

Geri Karabin Limited Time Special Offer!

20% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $100

Now Only $80 SOLD OUT!


If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. NOTE: No refunds are offered once you complete your session with Geri Karabin. Also, we only allow two refunds per summit season, per customer. If you have any questions, please contact us at: