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1-Hour Numerology Reading with Tom Eckert

Past, Present and Future Unveiled: Your Deepest Questions Answered Clearly & Directly

Did you know your full name and date of birth hold the potential to answer the most important and burning questions on your path?

Numerology is an ancient and methodical way to provide you with a clear understanding of yourself AND the events you encounter.

There are two main areas in Numerology (and Tom covers BOTH):

  1. Answering any question pertaining to who you are, including all major aspects of your life such as relationships, career, family-life, physical and mental health, potentials, shadows and traumas and more.
  2. Predictive Numerology, which deals with looking into your past, present and future and seeing both where the energetic trends are going (or have been) and the meaning behind past, present and future events.

As a numerology expert, Tom’s job is to provide you with precise clarity about yourself and the trajectory of your life, answer your questions clearly, so that you can go through life with clarity, reassurance, purpose and also attain greater inner psychological and spiritual maturity.

Tom has been thoroughly trained in Numerology, Meditation, the workings of the Energy Body and the Human Mind from a perspective of spiritual awakening and transformation, and in his numerology consultations he provide you with in-depth guidance for your path of holistic psychological and spiritual growth.

Numerology readings will give you the clarity, perspective and acknowledgement you need in order to understand yourself, what you are going through and take conscious and mature action.

A Numerology Reading with Tom can:

  • Allow you to view your life from a soul perspective, recognize your potential, challenges and purpose in this life time
  • Shed light on relationships, career, your approach to money, handling emotions, sexuality, talents and skills, shadows and traumas
  • Understand the meaning of past events, ongoing events and future ones, and help you live in alignment with the tides of time

In this 60-minute reading, you decide what you want to focus on! You can bring three questions/topics to the session for Tom to answer and explore!

Reading Topics Tom Can Cover
(You choose 3 Questions/Areas you want to focus on)

  • Destiny
    Designed to give you an overview of your soul’s path in this lifetime. Discover your deepest qualities, tendencies, talents and lessons, and understand what your major challenges are to see the bigger picture of who you are and what you’re meant to be.
  • Life-Questions
    Ask important questions on topic right now or in general throughout your life to get clarification. This goes into specific details and gives accurate guidance according to your current needs.
  • Naming a Newborn
    This will allow you to choose a name aligned with your child’s purpose, to mitigate imbalances and promote a happier life for your newborn.
  • Predictive
    Designed to provide you with clarity about your past, present and future. You can have a yearly forecast for any year to come, read the deeper energies governing your live purpose, look into past events to bring understanding and closure and live in alignment with universal timing and changing the tides of time.
  • Relationship
    Understand your connection with any close person in your life — be it a partner, good friend, family member or colleague. It helps with solving conflicts and understanding the highest potentials of any relationship.
  • Name Changing
    Assistance going through the process of changing your name by providing clarity on the most beneficial energies to support your path and finding a name that enables just that.


A Better Understanding of My Life
“I absolutely loved it. I never had a numerology reading done before and I was a bit skeptical, but the reading was shockingly accurate and Tom helped me to get a deeper understanding of myself and my life. I highly recommend him!!!” — Frederik from Norway


Impressed by the Accuracy
“Tom’s readings helped me to categorize and understand better the current challenges in my life. I was impressed by the accuracy of numerology, how it’s not talking about general things, but pointing out specific issues. Tom really knows how to give you a vivid impression of the numbers’ magic, choosing words carefully to not influence you in any direction.” — Jessi from Germany


Pointed Me to Possibilities
“I haven’t ever considered Numerology as a system that could be truly serious. Somehow, I couldn’t see how combining the numbers of my date of birth and name could have any meaning. Therefore, I was surprised how precise was the reading I received from Tom, regarding this coming year. Strangely, these ‘random’ numbers could reveal patterns and inner processes only known to myself. So not only was the reading precise about my current situation, but it was pointing as well, at possibilities laying ahead for me, that if cultivated consciously and wisely, could create the results I was hoping for. THANK YOU, Tom.” — Yudit from Israel


Exactly What I Needed to Hear
“A few days ago I had a reading with Tom and am so happy about it! Tom could tell me exactly what I needed to hear to connect with myself and spirit…or better to say to remind me that I am connected! I could relate to everything he said and felt like he knows me so well. Thank you again for your kind and open heart!” — Irene from Germany


A Special Experience
“Tom gave me a numerological reading and said some things that really helped me understand my true source in life, my unique qualities and what I should pay attention to and be aware of. Tom was sensitive and a wonderful person to deal with. The numerological reading he gave me was helpful, professional and truly unique and mysterious in a good and interesting way. It focused on my good qualities and was a special experience that I’d recommend to anyone. Thank you again!” — Rakefet from Israel


A Direct Looking Into Life’s Calling
“I had the chance to receive a numerology reading from Tom. We were sitting together and I felt like using the knowledge of the numbers as a tool for understanding my essential structure deeper as I lost touch with my authentic self recently. Tom gave me such a beautiful reading that made me remember what my soul’s qualities are, and we explored the challenges that appear along the way of moving into a more authentic expression of myself. Numerology is a wonderful map that I can suggest to everybody when you want to have a direct look into your true life’s calling and potential. It is very clear, direct and fun. Tom provided a clear space for that exploration and his own wisdom and clarity was felt as an extra gift to the numbers. Numerology is so exciting. Thank you for opening us to that world Tom and thank you for your service!” — Oskar from Germany

Tom Eckert

TOM ECKERT is a Numerology Expert, Astrologer, Palmist and Dharma Teacher. He provides numerology consultations and teaches numerology worldwide. Trained mainly in the yogic tradition, he teaches Dharma with the blessings of his teacher and supports people in Spiritual Growth and Soul Evolution processes.

Tom Eckert Limited Time Special Offer

20% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $185

Now Only $148


If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. We only allow two refunds per summit season, per customer. Please note: There are no refunds given once you have had your reading with Tom. If you have any questions, please contact us at: