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Explore Memories From Your Past Lives to Navigate Your Life Today

With Past Life Regression Expert Michelle Brock

Exclusively for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners, Michelle is combining her two most popular classes to help you access the wisdom form your own past lives, including a soul mate class that can be applied whether you are single or coupled!

Item 1: Discover Your Past Lives: An Online Course

In this 6-Module course, spiritual development coach and past life regression expert Michelle Brock will help you uncover memories from your own past lives to help you in your present life!

Here is what you will experience in the course:

Module 1: How Past Life Regression Works

  • What is past life regression?
  • What is hypnosis?
  • How can past life regression help you?
  • The unconscious mind
  • Past lives in your current life

Module 2: Dreams, Guides and Energy Healing

  • Dreams and past life regression
  • Spirit Guides
  • Healing
  • Chakras
  • Nuance and experience

Module 3: Step by Step — What to Expect Part 1

  • Intention
  • Ritual Space
  • Childhood and past life regression
  • Gender
  • Recognizing details

Module 4: Step by Step — What to Expect Part 2

  • Geography/Timeline
  • Recognition
  • Emotion and nuance
  • Death and past life regression

Module 5: Regression Meditation

  • Preparation
  • Technique
  • Instruction
  • 30-minute past life regression

Module 6: Now What? Taking it Home

  • Application
  • Processing
  • Journaling
  • Exercises and meditations

Item 2: Soul Mates: A Past Life Exploration (Retail Value: $199)

Have you ever wondered if you have known your partner before, in a past life?

Or, are you single and searching and wondering if there is someone that you have been with before, who is also looking for you?

Are soul mates even real?

In “Soul Mates: A Past Life Exploration,” Michelle discusses these love reunions from a past life, how they happen, why they happen, and how to recognize your soul mate when you encounter them!

It also includes a group past life regression to discover the “past life story” behind your love affair, to help deepen your connection, add new dimensions to your soul mate relationship, or give you clues and insight on your path toward the eventual meeting of your soul mate.

Whether you are coupled or single (or somewhere in between!) this workshop will help you discover that love never dies and that perhaps what we call “love at first sight” is actually just remembering that you had loved them already.


Two Past Lives with My Father

“I was at a point in my life where I did the revamp, I had gone through a divorce, literally living one day to the next… just quit my job, quit everything and moved to New York. I felt all of these serendipitous things happening leading me to the next thing and the next, and I feel like meeting Michelle was part of the next thing for me. She went through what she does and her purpose and that she hoped her purpose would help me in my journey. When I tell [people] that I, through past life regression, confirmed having shared two past lives with my father, they are super curious… I was so surprised by the interaction with Michelle, how she is such a girl’s girl, she’s just any girl you would want to go have martini’s with. But then the next minute she is able to convey something so important to you on a soul level, it’s just two worlds in one person… I was always left with that impression of her.” — Valeria


A Powerful Way to Heal

“Past life regression is a really powerful tool, a powerful way to heal. Those memories, once they are unlocked they are there. You can go back to them. I remember dying with my family around me. I remember rising up and seeing my body on this bed. I was very calm… I had tears streaming down my face. It was very powerful. One of the reasons that [Michelle] is as good at this is her ability to help people disarm. The situation where it seems to work the best is when people just kind of get out of their own way, bring their own walls down and be open to it… She has this ability to help people bring their own walls down.” — Pete


Completely Changed My Life

“At that moment in time, I was definitely going through a lot of things —emotional issues, anger issues. My first regression, completely changed my life, the way I process things and the way I felt. I just felt completely connected. I get really, really deep into the hypnosis. In the regression, I see it as me looking out . . . It’s like watching a movie for me. It’s so interesting. I knew I wasn’t making it up because the connection and the emotion behind what I would see would overwhelm me.” — Christy


Learned Lessons of a Lifetime

“You go back into the past life and there are things in your past lives that are contributing to the blocks and results out of life that you are getting now . . . You get the lessons of a lifetime in an hour, which is remarkable. I’m a Type A New Yorker, so I was a little bit afraid I couldn’t do it. What surprised me the most was that, once you relax, the thoughts and words just start coming. You don’t have to control anything. You just have to let yourself go into the experience. For me, the lessons I learned in my session with Michelle have been invaluable. I have absolutely been able to move forward in my life because of those lessons. In a relatively short period of time you make amazing breakthroughs, it’s definitely different than any other kind of therapy. Michelle is completely trustworthy . . . you can tell that she is really passionate about what she does . . . I can’t say enough good things about Michelle.” Jackie

Michelle Brock

Michelle Brock is a New York City based spiritual development life coach who specializes in past life regression. She is also an intuitive counselor, a psychic medium, a master hypnotist, and has studied spirituality, shamanism, meditation, divination, astrology, and energy medicine techniques from many different world traditions.

Based on her own experience, including discovering her own past lives and the spiritual journey that resulted, Michelle is an expert guide and a true mentor to anyone who wishes to discover more about their own, true, eternal nature and the spiritual journey over many lifetimes we are all on.

Michelle Brock Limited Time Special Offer

74% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $379

Now Only $97


If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. Please Note: we only allow two refunds per summit season, per customer. If you have any questions, please contact us at: support@elevatedexistencesummit.com