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Introducing the Most Unique Physical and Metaphysical Health Healing and Wellness Programs on the Planet — Designed by Lyon Zonamyari and his Mentors!

There are No Incurable Diseases – None!

Below you will find options for Physical Healing (including a 30-mintue one-on-one session with Lyon), Metaphysical Healing (including a 30-minute one-on-one session with Lyon) OR BOTH with a 60-mintue one-on-one session with Lyon!

Package A: Physical Healing (Includes 30-Minute Consultation)

Item 1: The Complete Physical Healing Tutorial Program (PDF Handbook with links to articles videos): $400)

The Western World is going through a Health Crisis. It’s time to Reprogram Your Body and Reprogram Your Life.

The protocols in the Physical Healing Handbook will help you:

  • Look Younger, Live Longer, Feel Stronger
  • Lose Weight and Feel Great
  • Strengthen your immune system in just a few days
  • Discover there are no incurable disease
  • Use simple, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Create Health, Healing and Happiness in a Toxic World
  • Start taking back control of your body now

The performance of your physical body and mental state depend greatly upon what goes in your mouth and what comes out the other end.

Not many people really understand the gravity of our health and well-being until it is almost too late. Most of us just accept that stuff we buy in the supermarket is what we need. Lyon once thought that Tropicana Orange Juice and V8 Vegetable Juice was healthy!

It’s not our fault because the system in which we live does not educate us with truthful information.

Salt, Sugar and Fats are the number one enemy and they are abundant in most convenient processed packaged foods. Cutting back on these is the first step and adding a couple whole plant supplements will get you off to a great start, BUT long term, Lyon’s simple easy tips you can do at home, and low-cost diet recommendations will give you the boost you need — especially if you are not in great shape and want to restore how you look and feel.

Your body was designed by Our Creator to regenerate and self-heal. New cells are regenerating every minute of every hour twenty-four seven if given the right fuel.

Minerals and Nutrition are just the beginning. This program guides you how to cleanse and reprogram your body to function as originally intended.

We are living in a spectacular times. Sanitation is at an all-time high in most parts of the world. We have communication and transportation at our fingertips enabling us to buy nourishing food, yet we are poisoning ourselves eating and drinking processed, packaged junk.

Profit Driven Conventional Farmers use toxic pesticides on the crops and growth hormones/antibiotics/steroids to feed the animals you eat (another good reason to go vegan). The big food manufacturers’ process and package a concoction of junk that gets your taste buds excited wanting for more. When you get sick, the medical doctors prescribe laboratory produced chemicals to cover over the symptoms and make you feel good, just like a Band-Aid laced with crack cocaine.

 We need to change the way we live our lives. We need to start healing ourselves and Lyon’s program delivers!

Your body can only filter out some of the junk until at some point it becomes overloaded and gives up on you resulting in inflammation and sickness.

Several detox options are discussed in this program with simple ways to cleanse your body. The side effects are you will lose excess weight and keep it off.

It has been proven countless times over the last few decades by recognized medical doctors that an organic whole plant diet can reverse life-threatening ailments and restore optimum health.

This program delves way deeper with recommendations from combatting toxic household cleaning products and cookware to making your own natural toothpaste.

Whole Plant Organic Vegan is ultimately the best way to go, but not all of us have easy access or time in our busy schedules.

This program shows you how you can make easy adjustments that make a difference and become part of your daily routine without breaking the bank.

The Human Body was Designed to Naturally Heal Itself. Healing-Reality shows you how, why and what you can do!

In the Physical Healing Handbook, You Will Discover:

  • Lyon’s personal recommendations backed with scientific studies, reports, videos and much more
  • In simple terms, what is good and how to use it. Don’t worry about fancy words like flavonoids, lycopene or anthocyanin because he doesn’t use them!
  • What is in Lyon’s kitchen and how to use it, such as sprinkling a mix of ground flax seeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds on your food for powerful nutrition and anti-inflammatory properties, or recommendations to carry nuts with you for an energy boost.
  • Detox: 5 days, 7 days, 21 days or 31 days – which one is right for you and why!
  • Are you acid or alkaline? (Did you know disease like cancer thrives in an acidic body, but cannot survive in an alkaline environment?) And simple ways to balance your Ph are included in the program.
  • How every disease can be linked to a mineral deficiency
  • Fasting: 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 16 hours a day. Which one is right for you?
  • Grounding – How often are you barefoot in the dirt?
  • Get Lyon’s free “Power in Words” article to change the vibration of your drinking water, the food you eat and the air you breathe.
  • Simple to follow instructions, articles and videos
  • Simple yoga exercises you can do in 10 to 15 minutes to rejuvenate your body and mind

It might sound like a lot — and it IS — but it’s put together in an easy-to-read format!

 A Peed Inside Lyon’s Physical Healing Handbook (backed by scientific studies) that will show you how to physically heal yourself step-by-step!

Table of Contents:

  • Welcome to my World of Naturopathic Healing
  • Powerful Words of Hydration
  • Minerals and Nutrition Supplements
  • Home Care without Chemicals
  • Skin and Beauty without Chemicals
  • Detox Now
  • Check your pH Levels
  • Fasting
  • Grounding and Tree Communication
  • Breathing
  • Sleep
  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • Naval Power
  • Gluten
  • My Kitchen Pantry – What Foods Do I have in My Kitchen?
  • Recipes
  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise and Yoga
  • Placebo and Nocebo Effect
  • The Sad Truth
  • Bonus Article – How to Beat a Virus

Item 2: A 30-Minute Consultation with Lyon

(Must Be Booked with 30 Days of Purchase)
In this one-on-one session with Lyon, he will answer any questions you have about the program, but more importantly, offer advice on how to adopt the program to suit your specific needs related to your age, height, weight, medical history, and what you need to fix/heal.

Package B: Metaphysical Healing (Includes 30-Minute Consultation)

Item 1: The Complete Metaphysical Healing Tutorial Program (PDF Handbook with links to articles videos & Word Document Downloads)

There are 3 Steps to Healing, Happiness and Abundance:

  • Clearing
  • Repairing
  • Balancing

These are accomplished with:

  • Documentation
  • Activation
  • Confirmation

In this Metaphysical Healing Program, You Will Discover:

  • A fully instructional healing program combining ancient spiritual and modern scientific techniques you can use on yourself, another person, animals or a location.
  • NO previous healing experience required
  • Advanced energy workers can use these techniques in part of full to supercharge their existing practice
  • Remove negative energy from the mind, body, soul and auric field
  • Repair physical and emotional damage for yourself or another person
  • Apply Energetic Stem Cell Healing for yourself or another person
  • Remove negative emotions that promote stress
  • Fill one’s life with positive emotions
  • Balance the endocrine system, chakras and meridians
  • Protect yourself or another person in the future
  • Purify and restructure your drinking water and the food you eat
  • Activate the Laws of Attraction and get results not previously attained
  • Introduce positive attributes into all areas of your life
  • How to raise your personal vibration and set up protective shields to prevent future invasion of your auric field by negative energy, including chemtrails, radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and government weather modification frequencies HAARP (High Active Auroral Research Program).

This process has been developed by Lyon with the help and knowledge of his 3 spiritual mentors, most importantly, Dianne Bright, who continues sharing information from the other side.

3 Steps to Healing Happiness and Abundance
6 Minute Introduction:

3 Steps to Healing, Happiness and Abundance

Step 1: First Document your plan of action and it becomes written in the Akashic Records.

Step 2: Say out loud for all the hear and your Documented plan is Activated.

Step 3: Visualize using the Power of Intention for Confirmation of your Documented, Activated plans.

Part 1: Clearing

In many cases there is negative energy causing or aggravating a condition. If not removed, you might initially fix the problem only to see the symptoms return.

It is of utmost importance the negative energy be removed and sent back to its place of origin, or a safe place, with love and compassion. This is easily accomplished by asking Angels to construct an Octahedron as the vessel and then calling upon specific Archangels and Ascended Masters to cleanse and fulfill the clearing. This can help remove past life negative karma, too.

The Octahedron (one of the seven platonic solids) represents the element of Air (central and governing) and is directly linked to the Third Eye Chakra; for clear vision and the Heart Chakra; the center for love and compassion.

These chakra’s are where we access our healing and nurturing aspects, where we find acceptance and forgiveness. Beginners need not worry about the complexity because you documented your instructions and intentions in advance.

Angels use the Akashic Records to check for scheduled events requiring their attendance. They come, it simply works and the energy flows!

Part 2: Repairing

Repairing physical or mental damage is easy work when assisted by guardian angels/spirit guides and spiritual surgeons. Whether the task is for life threatening ailments or lesser problems affecting you, another person or an animal from living a healthy happy life, the instructions make easy work of any problem when you call in specific Angels for assistance.

You can also use step two to simply document your wish, desire and command to bring happiness and abundance into your life! Just recently, I have teamed up with a fellow healer, Shelley Ackrill. With assistance from both our guides, we have developed an energetic technique to accomplish stem cell healing without needles or surgery. This is another valuable tool for repairing physical damage. Full instructions are in this program.

You can also use step two to simply document your wish, desire and command to bring happiness and abundance into your life! The late Dr Masaru Emoto demonstrated how rice in water blessed with written and spoken words of love would thrive, whereas rice in water with written and spoken words of hate, would rapidly decay.

The human body is more than 60 percent water! Bring Health, Happiness and Abundance into your life via your drinking water, the food you eat and the air you breathe with Documentation, Activation and Confirmation.

Obtain better results using the Laws of Attraction and Power of Intention to bring health happiness and abundance into your life or the lives of people you love.

Part 3: Balancing

The human body is a sponge for emotions, positive and negative, as homeopathic healing and medicine will tell you. If not balanced, just as mentioned in part one, the negative emotions will quickly re-create more damage.

To restore emotional balance I use an incredible process developed by the late Brian Jenner called Internal Acoustic Surveillance Technology or I.A.S.T. This process involves placing a series of 28 cards with diagrams and documented words of healing to remove negative emotions and reprogram you with positive emotions to balance the physical and metaphysical body and mind, to one of pureness, health and vitality.

The body absorbs the information which is activated verbally and fulfilled with the power of intention. Again, the whole process is documented in the Akashic records, carving it in stone.

Brian’s research of 30 years resulted in developing this process of healing that is harmonic re-balancing of body systems. He discovered that our D.N.A. resonates with 12 number digital sequences and fractal equations. He also optimized Chakras with the use of colors.

With the Chakras and Meridians restored to optimum performance using focused intent, the mind/body energy field is re-balanced. Brian was aware of the damage created by Chemtrails, Vaccinations and H.A.A.R.P in the 1990’s. He incorporated appropriate healing within the cards. I have updated Brian’s work accordingly to cover interference from Wi-Fi frequencies (EMF) including 5G and Radiation.

Item 2: A 30-Minute Consultation with Lyon

(Must Be Booked with 30 Days of Purchase)
In this one-on-one session with Lyon, he will answer any questions you have about the program, but more importantly, offer advice on how to adopt the program to suit your specific needs related to your age, height, weight, medical history, and what you need to fix/heal.

Package C: Both Physical and Metaphysical Healing Tutorial Programs PLUS a 60-Minute Session with Lyon

With Package C you will get both Healing Tutorial Sessions described above in Package A and Package B, AND a 60-Minute One-on-One Session with Lyon (that must be booked within 30 Days of purchase).


I have been teaching my Physical and Metaphysical Healing Program for twenty plus years. Sometimes I am called upon to assist a soul in need. Norma was admitted back into hospital, critical for a second time in as many weeks with heart and lung problems. Her family were bracing themselves expecting the worst. On Saturday, within 10 minutes into the metaphysical healing session the doctors were amazed how her dangerous low blood pressure went up to normal and her high heart rate also came down to normal. After the session that took nearly an hour, she was feeling more comfortable.

The next day, the hospital doctors saw there was no need to keep her on monitoring equipment and I was pleased they took my advice to take her off medication and give her an oxygen mask throughout the night. Her daughter has been following my guidelines on hydration, minerals, grounding and natural whole plant foods to reduce inflammation, strengthen immune and provide much needed energy. They are discharging her today, Wednesday, just four days after the session. The two photos were taken on Saturday just after the session and the second on Tuesday where you can see her rapid recovery. My fully instructional healing program shows you how practice physical and metaphysical healing for yourself or to use on another person. No previous experience required. Seasoned Healers can use my program to enhance their existing techniques. — With permission – Norma Jaime Rodriguez, Nicaragua, November 2020.

Breast Cancer Gone
“I bought Lyon’s package with the consultation. He helped me through breast cancer (all gone) and is working on a second issue with me: my thyroid. He takes the time via Skype to answer ALL of your questions and helps you fine tune the program to your ailment. This extra help is essential if you do not have extensive healing experience.” Karin Ellison, USA, 2018

Most Useful Charts I’ve Seen
“Thank you so much Lyon Zonamyari for your special offer. What a gift! I love this program. These are the most specific, complete, and useful charts I’ve seen.” Henia, USA, 2017

Helped With Anxiety
“I wanted you to know that after our last session, I copied the “Six Elements Charts” 4 to a page and laminated them. I keep 2 sets in my purse and 2 sets on my night table next to my bed. This way, when I place one chart is on my chest, I take the extra copy to read what I need to say. Last night, I thought I needed to take an anxiety pill. Instead, I followed your instructions with the “Six Elements Charts”, took a bath and slept like a baby. (The anxiety attacks have had a way of waking me up in the middle of the night). I love that I finally found something that works. That is just one of the great gifts you gave me which is a true expression of your love and caring. Thank you!” Nancy C, USA, 2018

Worked on My Cat
“Lyon showed me how to use his healing program on my ailing cat. She was old and her heart was weak. The vet prescribed strong medications that were perhaps keeping her alive, but she was frail and suffering. There was an immediate response after the healing and the next day she was almost back to her old self. She perked up and kept active for another two months until she passed peacefully in her sleep. Incredible!” Avril C, UK, 2018.

Incredible Results
“I heard about Lyon’s healing program on a radio show and decided to purchase the full training package. Upon receiving, I was blown away by the huge amount of information and started utilizing some of the techniques with incredible results. The package is self-explanatory, but I am glad I purchased the optional one on one consultation with Lyon because he is knowledgeable in so many areas. He not only gave me tips on how to adjust the program to my specific needs but gave me wonderful insights to other areas of my life. His Name Analysis system is another great tool I am now investigating. This guy is amazing!” – Ella DeCarlo, USA, 2016

Surgery Canceled
“When I met with Lyon in 2015 my physical disabilities were severe joint pain in my knees, elbows and a collapsed disc in my neck. Lyon used his three steps healing on me with dramatic results. The next day I was more mobile and virtually pain free. As the days and weeks passed by my conditions improved. A recent MRI revealed the collapsed disc is 90% restored and surgery has been cancelled.”– Steve Hudson, UK, 2015

Lump Disappeared
“I discovered a lump under my left breast back in 2007 and was too scared to get a diagnosis. Lyon showed me his healing program. I followed the instructions and within two weeks the lump virtually disappeared and after a month it was totally gone. Now, six years later, I am writing this review. I do not know if it was cancer but whatever it was it has gone from my life. Lyon’s package is also full of tips on health, nutrition and well-being, all for the same price as one visit to the Chiropractor.” – Sandy H, Miami, USA, 2013

Doctors are Baffled
“In 2007 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and surgery soon followed. The surgeons were unable to totally remove the tumor and within weeks it grew back to the size of an egg. The doctors told me to go home to be with family and friends because at best I had 6 months to live. Lyon worked his magic on me and now three years later I am alive and cancer free. In just one session he reduced the tumor to the size of a pea. The doctors are still baffled but I know the truth. God bless Lyon and the Angels who walk with him.” – Maribel Lopez, USA, 2009

Heart Condition Healed
“I was diagnosed with “hole in the heart condition” three years ago and was scheduled for surgery. A friend told me about Lyon and his non-invasive healing. I thought I had nothing to lose and scheduled a session with him. A few days later, final tests and scans were made and the doctors found absolutely nothing wrong with me and did not operate. They said the first doctors at my local hospital must have misdiagnosed my condition, but my symptoms before the diagnosis have never returned. I do believe in miracles.”– Milena A, Colombia, 2013

Lyon Zonamyari

LYON ZONAMYARI has been called a light worker, psychic, intuitive, a seer, medium, trance medium and even clairvoyant. Age five he was fascinated by ants, their strength and ability with an incredible social structure which opened up his mind into thinking size is not relative within the Universe. When eight he questioned life and our very existence on this planet and at age 10 he was experiencing premonitions which continue today. 30 years ago a sequence of events prompted Lyon to discover his past which led him to his first spiritual mentor Paulette, who specialized in healing and regression techniques. Paulette took Lyon way beyond past lives and when Paulette cleared his third eye and activated dormant DNA strands, he discovered he could remove somebody’s headache by touch in a matter of seconds. Soon after, his second mentor Dianne Bright, also at Oracle level, advanced his learning of energy and vibration linked to healing techniques. In 2001, with Dianne’s guidance, Lyon travelled back in time metaphysically (Astral Travel) to specifically change an event that reflected and instantly cured a dear friend from reoccurring tortuous psychological problems in this present life. This was a momentous and memorable event that showed Lyon there are no limits and that anything is possible when it comes to metaphysical healing.

Lyon’s recent years of Naturopathic study combined with 5 years Human Biology and 10 years of Human Psychology practical experience were enhanced working alongside two incredible doctors specializing in Applied Kinesiology and Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. The passing of Lyon’s second mentor Dianne Bright, prompted Lyon to incorporate Physical Healing with his already proven Metaphysical Techniques. Ninety percent of physical and mental health problems are self-inflicted by negative lifestyle. His healing package is one of the most comprehensive and complete tutorial programs available today.

Lyon Zonamyari Limited Time Special Offer Package A

33% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $149


Lyon Zonamyari Limited Time Special Offer Package B

29% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $350


Lyon Zonamyari Limited Time Special Offer Package C

40% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $499



If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. NOTE: Consultations must be booked with 30 days of purchase. There are no refunds granted after you have had your session with Lyon.  Also, we only allow two refunds per summit season, per customer. If you have any questions, please contact us at: