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Awaken-Heal-Breathe: Living in Flow Through Wholeness


We are living in an electric universe made of consciousness that is intelligent, interconnected and whole. You ARE this consciousness, and your mind is naturally pure and luminous. Masters and sages have been making this point for thousands of years, and quantum physicists are gradually affirming this ancient knowledge.

This recorded masterclass series is an invitation to taste the freedom that is possible when you step beyond the world of concepts and discover the essence of your being as whole — to come into vibrational coherence with the universal field and surrender into a life of effortless flow.

Awaken Heal Breathe unites the three powerful modalities of direct awake awareness practices, vibrational sound healing and breathwork to support your mind and body to shift into wholeness.

A life of unshakeable calm, clarity and joy awaits…

ITEM 1: Awakening and Healing Through Vibrational Alchemy — Part 1

This masterclass combines two powerful practices of direct awakening and sound healing with tuning forks. Through meditation and somatic exploration, Holly guides you into inner exploration of simple, yet profound and often overlooked, aspects of what it means to be human and who we really are. She supports you to awaken to the ground of your being as whole and reclaim your birthright to a life of joy and ease.

Each of us comes into the world with our own unique vibrational blueprint– our song, as it were. Every organ, bone, and cell in the body vibrates with its own resonant frequency, as do our emotions. However, like an out of tune string on a violin, life’s challenges can create dissonance in the body and biofield

We experience this dissonance as difficult emotions and disease. This is all great news for healing. Because emotions are frequency and can be tuned with sound!

As explained by Dr. Jerry Tennant: “Emotions also are different frequencies and resonate with each other. For example, anger resonates with the liver/gallbladder circuit and will be stored in that circuit. Fear resonates with the kidney/bladder circuit. Worries resonate with the spleen/stomach circuit.”

Through the magic of a sound healing modality called Biofield Tuning, we move into a heart-focused session. This powerful group session clears dissonance in the form of overaccommodating and not listening to the song within own heart within the field of the right side of the heart.

Through this clearing, Holly supports you to come into greater coherence and synchrony with your mind and body so that you can live more joyfully and with ease.

ITEM 2: Awakening and Healing with Vibrational Alchemy — Part 2

In this masterclass, you will continue your journey with the two powerful practices of direct awakening and sound healing with tuning forks.

First, you will become familiar with and learn to remain within the Ground of Being, the unlimited unconditionally loving ground of who you really are. The essence of the HeartMind Alchemy journey,

Holly teaches you how to make the shift from “ordinary” mind into the luminous and joyful ground of “awakened” mind. This space, when discovered and felt has unlimited capacity and resilience to be with the external chaos and uncertainty of life.

Next, you will move into a heart-focused Biofield Tuning session. This powerful group session clears dissonance in the form of grief and sadness within the field of the left side of the heart to bring your heart into greater coherence and synchrony with your mind and body, so that you can live more joyfully and with ease.


ITEM 3: Breathe with Love — Part 1

The breath is our connection to life itself. Every single moment, life force energy moves within the body through our breath. Many mystics and ancient traditions knew the extraordinary power of the breath to heal, and thus breathwork was foundational practice within the healing arts.

The Breath of Love process is a powerful inner journey of reprogramming your subconscious and re-wiring your nervous system.

In this powerful masterclass, you will harness the extraordinary power of your own breath and be guided to fully let go of old fears, habitual self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs (even the most sticky ones), so that you can create a life of ease and abundance – just the way YOU desire and deserve.

Holly will connect you to your most empowered and loving self and show you how to access an embodied state of inner peace, clear inner guidance, and an expanded ability to create what you desire without struggle.

ITEM 4: Breathe with Love — Part 2

In this session through the incredible power of the breath, you will continue your journey unlocking stuck patterns in the subconscious.

Like layers of an onion, you will go even deeper than in the first breathwork session by opening the energy channels in the body and rewiring your nervous system for calm and ease.

Gently and lovingly through the breath, Holly guides you to untie the knots and old patterns that have laid dormant and contracted in the body running your subconscious like ghosts in the machine.

Through profound surrender, this breathwork process initiates a deep unwinding that reveals the inner light and love within you just waiting to be seen where a life of true freedom awaits…

Package B: Awaken, Heal, Breath PLUS a One-on-One Session

1:1 Biofield Tuning Session with Holly (60 Minute session – Retail Value: $250)

Wisdom healers and shamans from ancient Egypt and India understood the great power of sound and vibration to elevate and shift energies in the human body. Today, these ancient technologies are resurging through new techniques backed by modern science, such as Biofield Tuning, which uses tuning forks to clear, heal and restore your body to optimal health and wellbeing.

Tuning Forks work their vibrational magic to let go of and shift old energetic patterns no longer serving you and elevate your vibration to live your very best life and lean into your fullest potential.

After sessions, clients commonly report feeling lighter, clearer, more energized and joyful. 

During a Biofield Tuning session you will:

  • Feel vibration move through your body, as the sound gently releases stuck emotional patterns and beliefs from your field.
  • Feel the noise and distractions of the external world fade away as your nervous system recalibrates and your energy system opens.
  • Be supported and held in a safe, sacred and loving space while you are guided into a deep healing process.


“The biofield energy healing session I had with Holly was transformational. Her gentle approach and patience during the healing process freed the energetic root that had held me back for so many years. The feelings of relief and newness were immediate upon release. I was amazed by how quickly Holly was able to transmute such a deep wound. I now feel like I am ready to step into the person I want to become without the doubt and fear that has held me back for so many years.” — E.K. Lander

Blown Away by Its Power
“I had an online session of Biofield Tuning with Holly, and I was absolutely blown away by its power! I could never imagine that this kind of work could be done at a distance with such amazing results. The most amazing thing was Holly ‘s ability to really sense my places of stuck energy, and how she helped them to unwind and come back to coherency in a very effective way. This was very evident by the way I was feeling afterwards.” M.P, Italy

Wholeheartedly Recommend
“I feel a massive difference and much lighter and clearer after our session. I loved it so much, I was totally blown away. It was amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend it if you are thinking of doing this.” J.H. London

Holly Copeland

HOLLY COPELAND’S passion lies in helping people discover what it means to step into the flow with life and live in joy and wellbeing while healing their physical bodies. She offers vibrational sound healing sessions and coaching to facilitate physical and emotional healing for greater vitality and wellbeing.

Her background weaves certified training in the healing modalities of reiki and biofield tuning with human potential coaching and meditation. With a deep connection to nature from her 20+ career as a conservation scientist, she founded HeartMind Alchemy to unite ancient wisdom and modern science with three mind-body tools of meditative inquiry, breathwork and vibrational healing to empower clients on their path to human flourishing and upgrading from “ordinary mind” to awake awareness. She guides people out of the muddy waters of the thinking mind to live in flow joyfully and effortlessly from their own inner compass and stable ground of being.

Holly Copeland Limited Time Special Offer Package A

83% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $550

Now Only $97

Holly Copeland Limited Time Special Offer Package B

63% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $800

Now Only $297


If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: support@elevatedexistencesummit.com