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What Your Pet Can Tell You About Your Purpose

Are you ready to uncover what sparks your soul and step into your purpose with the help of your furry friend?

Our pets are one of the most honest relationships in our lives, and through our soul contracts with them, our animal companions illuminate and nurture our gifts, abilities, and purpose.

Learn how your pet can be your greatest teacher, and how their innate wisdom can help you find clarity and fulfillment in your own life.

This package is designed to help you understand how your pet’s behavior can be a transformative mirror, how to unlock the power of your unique voice, and reclaim your soul’s joyful spark, all while strengthening the bond with your beloved animal companion.

Dig into this package and deepen your connection with your furry friend while exploring foundational steps to gain clarity and step more fully into your soul’s purpose. With practical techniques and exercises paired with guided meditations, this package is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their bond with their furry friend and themselves.


Enjoy a 30-minute reading to go deep with Denise and the energies supporting you!

In this session, you will:

  • The the role your animal companion is here to play in your life
  • Identify what energetic clutter you are ready to release
  • Uncover what energies and consciousnesses are here to support you at this moment of your journey
  • Get you questions answered

At the end of the reading, you’ll receive a recording of your time together.


Everyday interactions with our pets have the power to transform us, and our pets’ behavior can give us specific insight into the transformation that is ready to take place.

This 5-page PDF helps us all start off on the same paw, digging into how our pets act as mirrors, fetching how their behavior reflect bigger energetic patterns in ours, discussing energetic considerations to ask yourself, and highlighting our chakra system as it corresponds to common domestic pets’ chakra systems.


Our voices are powerful and carry our unique truth into the world. We can use it to share our hopes, dreams, intentions, and ideas. Through our relationship with our pets, we learn to tap into and trust in our own authentic voice.

This 4-page PDF digs into considerations to mindfully lead your pack, limiting beliefs that shape our realities and relationships, finding your authentic voice through our pets’ example, and why energy matters.

Plus, enjoy the FINDING YOUR VOICE 9-minute downloadable guided meditation MP3 to do alongside your pet.

Many of us struggle speaking our truth for fear of how it may be interpreted. Listen to the FINDING YOUR VOICE guided meditation alongside your pet anytime you need a reminder of ways to find and amplify our authentic voice, trusting in its power to inspire meaningful shifts for yourself and your pets.


Boundaries set up in a loving way keep us strong so that we have space to dream, set goals, and create, which ultimately makes us more purposeful, fulfilled, and better pet parents. And our pets act as the perfect dress rehearsal for boundary-setting.

Fetch a 3-page PDF explaining the importance of setting loving boundaries, how our pets can serve as the perfect dress rehearsals and role models, reasons and limiting beliefs as to why some of us may have so much trouble setting those boundaries, how the power of NO keeps us safe when vulnerable. Use this practical technique throughout your day to vibe at your highest frequency.

Plus, enjoy the RECLAIMING YOUR HEART SPACE 12-minute downloadable guided meditation MP3 to do alongside your pet.

As pet parents, we are not always discerning about who and what energy we let into our heart. Listen to the RECLAIMING YOUR HEART SPACE meditation anytime you’d like to reset and reclaim that powerful space of the heart.

ITEM 5: OPERATING FROM JOY PDF & 2 Guided Meditations

Taking time to do what we love and honoring our purpose are key to reclaiming our spark and stepping into our purpose work. Through their instinct to operate from joy, our pets invite us to do the same.

Fetch a 7-page PDF reminding us of reasons why we often step away from making decisions based from joy, why it’s important to base reclaim our spark and tap into our soul’s purpose, and ways to mindfully spend quality time with our animal companions. If you’re interested in digging deeper into your purpose work, enjoy the exercise Mapping Skills Set & Intentional Mapping to help you feel more connected and tapped into your own intuition, inclinations, passions, and gifts.

Plus, enjoy the OPERATING FROM JOY 9-minute downloadable guided meditation MP3 to do alongside your pet.

As pet parents, we tend to be open-hearted and generous in spirit, so it’s easy to fall into patterns doing things out of a sense of duty, or operating from a mindset of “I should” and “I feel bad, so I will.” Listen to the OPERATING FROM JOY guided meditation alongside your pet anytime you need a reminder to take time to follow our joy and prioritize our own sense of fulfillment.

And… enjoy the ON A FIELD 9-minute downloadable guided meditation MP3 to do alongside your pet.

As pet parents, some of the most honest relationships and teachers in our lives are our animal companions. Listen to ON A FIELD guided meditation alongside your pet anytime you’d like to reconnect at a peaceful, meaningful soul level with your animal companion, whether embodied or transitioned.

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Get a glimpse at what it’s like to be part of our Soul Pack Membership by joining the pack via zoom for an animal oracle card reading, where each participant receives a card and mini reading.


No Words to Express My Gratitude
“Denise identified the heart of my work and poured it into beautiful concepts, key words, and united it in offerings that are filled with love and light. There are no words to even start to express my gratitude.”

Life Totally Transformed
“Denise saw me in a way no one ever had before. She gave me the confidence and the foundation to not only see my gifts, but develop and bring them into the world in a way that is uniquely my own. My life has been totally transformed by our journey together. She’s pure magic!”

What a Gift
“Thank you for your impeccable intuition, patience, guidance, and for assisting me in finding pure, divine illumination. What a gift you are!”

Very Special and Moving
“Denise is gifted beyond words. Her ability to bridge both animal behavior and energetics that are at play behind the scenes is very deep and profound. I have worked with her via readings, numerology for my dogs, and online courses, and each time has been very special and moving. I cannot say enough about what a beautiful spirit Denise is!”

Will Change Your World
“Denise helped our family in ways no one else could. I refer to Denise as The Intuitive’s Intuitive. As both an Intuitive and an Empath myself, I am very choosy with whom I trust to accurately read energy and also provide compassionate insight and support. I trust her wholeheartedly.  One reading with Denise will change your world.”

Game Changer
“Kind. Compassionate. Insightful. Trustworthy. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Denise, but barely scratch the surface of who Denise is. She’s a game changer.”

A Huge Gift
“Denise is an amazing intuitive, with such a huge compassionate heart. My reading today was a huge gift and has helped so much in lifting much of the sadness and helping me understand the transition of my beloved.”

“Denise’s reading was profound. Her information was spot on and continues giving me clarity after our reading. Her contribution to my life is priceless. She is meant to do this work and help many more to come.”

Denise Mange

DENISE MANGE is a certified dog trainer, pet intuitive, pet numerologist and founder of Pet Prana®. She believes everyday interactions with our pets have the power to transform us. Her work combines traditional obedience training with energetic considerations of pet guardianship to facilitate meaningful connections and behavioral shifts for both you and your pets. Think of it as self-help, for Pet’s Sake.

Denise’s articles have been featured in publications spanning from pet guardianship to conscious living. Denise has been interviewed on numerous radio shows and podcasts, has sat on expert panels, and has been a featured speaker on keynote stages. As a thought leader in her field, Denise has been invited to help develop the pet category for a top-rated wellness app.

Denise Mange Limited Time Special Offer

57% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $345

Now Only $149


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