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Pets as Guides

Are you ready to unleash the transformative power of the relationship with your pet and allow your spiritual gifts to blossom?

Are you ready to vibrate at your authentic soul frequency and attract more heart-centered people, experiences and opportunities?

Through exploring your relationship with animal companions, releasing energetic clutter, and journeying to higher realms, you can access a deeper relationship with yourself and your role in the universe.

Join Denise Mange and your animal companion with transformational resources to better understand your pet’s guidance and unleash higher vibes for 2022 and beyond!

ITEM 1: 30-Minute Intuitive Reading Session (Retail Value: $125)

Enjoy a 30-minute reading with a numerology assessment of your name and your pet’s name to go deep with Denise and the energies supporting you to learn more about the role your animal companion is here to play in your life!

You will also:

  • Identify what energetic clutter you are ready to release
  • Reveal what energies and consciousnesses are here to support you at this moment of your journey
  • Get your questions answered

Denise is able to connect with your pet whether embodied or transitioned, or even tap into other energies if you don’t or never had a pet.

At the end of the reading, you’ll receive a recording.

ITEM 2: Translating Your Pet’s Behavior Slideshow and MP3 (Retail Value: $87)

Dig into this pre-recorded audio on the new way forward in pet guardianship and how your pet and the natural world act as a mirror to help you identify and replace energetic patterns in your life that might be holding you back.

Discover why it is important to take an observer’s stance, the role of the chakras in creating shifts in yourself and your pet’s behavior, and the most important questions that can propel you on your path of transformation alongside your furry, scaled, finned or feathered friends.

ITEM 3: Guided Journey to Meet Your Power Animal MP3 (Retail Value: $38)

Every animal carries its own magic. And as we connect more mindfully with the energy of our power animals, we can tap into that same energy and wisdom to help guide us along our path.

In this recorded audio guided journey, you will tap into a power animal that wants to support you and your pets at this moment.

You can revisit this guided journey anytime you are seeking wisdom or support from the animal kingdom.

ITEM 4: Clear Your Energy with Animals PDF (Retail Value: $44)

Fetch a PDF explaining the different energies that affect our own on a daily basis, and learn a guided process to help you instantly and effortlessly clear energy from the collective, ancestral lineage, those around you, and your own limiting beliefs via the animals.

Use this practical technique throughout your day to vibe at your highest frequency.

ITEM 5: Journey to the Akashic Realm PDF & MP3 (Retail Value: $44)

The pure love we have for our animal companions is one of the strongest access points to help us more quickly and efficiently tap into the high vibrational energy of other dimensions, realms, and timelines.

Sit, Stay, and Relax with a 24-minute journey in which you are invited to explore the Akashic Realm alongside the energy of your animal companion and Lion.

To effectively embark with any journey with your pet and access this realm, follow the steps in the PDF to leverage the portal energy created by the love you share with your pet.

BONUS: Join Our Private Membership Group LIVE Oracle Card Reading via Zoom (Retail Value: $44)

Get a glimpse at what it’s like to be part of Denise’s Soul Pack Membership by joining the pack via zoom for an animal oracle card reading, where each participant receives a card and mini reading.


  • This philosophy has been so helpful in bridging the gap between the more traditional behavioral training I have done and the training I have done on the more energetic side. I love that this philosophy addresses both! What you have developed and incorporated into this work is really amazing and I’ve seen differences already within my dog and myself.

  • Denise is gifted beyond words. Her ability to bridge both animal behavior and energetics that are at play behind the scenes is very deep and profound. I have worked with her via readings, numerology for my dogs, and online courses, and each time has been very special and moving. I cannot say enough about what a beautiful spirit Denise is!

  • Denise helped our family in ways no one else could. I refer to Denise as The Intuitive’s Intuitive.  As both an Intuitive and an Empath myself, I am very choosy with whom I trust to accurately read energy and also provide compassionate insight and support. I trust her wholeheartedly. One reading with Denise will change your world.

  • Kind. Compassionate. Insightful. Trustworthy. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Denise, but barely scratch the surface of who Denise is. She’s a game changer.

  • Denise is an amazing intuitive, with such a huge compassionate heart. My reading today was a huge gift and has helped so much in lifting much of the sadness and helping me understand the transition of my beloved.

  • Denise’s reading was profound. Her information was spot on and continues giving me clarity after our reading. Her contribution to my life is priceless. She is meant to do this work and help many more to come.

  • Denise is one of those rare people that claim she has a connection with animals and actually does.

Denise Mange

DENISE MANGE is a certified dog trainer, pet intuitive, pet numerologist and founder of Pet Prana®, who believes everyday interactions with our pets have the power to transform us. Her work combines traditional obedience training with energetic considerations of pet guardianship to facilitate meaningful connections and behavioral shifts for both you and your pets.

Featured in publications spanning from pet guardianship to conscious living, Denise has appeared on numerous radio shows, expert panels, and keynote stages. Through Pet Prana®, Denise offers training sessions, online courses on mindful pet guardianship, pet readings, and free resources to help you go deeper with the animals in your life. Join her global pack at, and on Instagram and Facebook.

Denise Mange Limited Time Special Offer!

61% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $382



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