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Package A: Energy Healing for Animals 2-Part LIVE Masterclass

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Package B: Everything in Package A PLUS 1 x 25-Minute Energy Healing Session

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Package C: Everything in Package A PLUS 3 x 25-Minute Energy Healing Sessions

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Energy Healing for Animals

with Equine Experiential Coach Anna Marie Ellison

You may have heard about the power of energy healing for humans, where we can clear stagnant energy, release emotional blockages, alleviate pain, reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, and improve overall vitality and resilience. We can also do this with and for our animals. By sharing this powerful energy work with our animals, we can help their body heal naturally, the way it was meant to.

Is your animal struggling with physical pain or behavioral issues (such as separation anxiety, inappropriate toileting, or excessive barking)?

If what you’ve been doing so far is not helping, or only offers short-term relief, then it’s time to do something different. I’m here to help you get on the path to transformational change so that you and your animal can live a more peaceful, balanced, and healthy life together.

Challenging behaviours and physical ailments can be outward manifestations of underlying emotional imbalance–theirs or something they are responding to from their humans. Instead of treating the physical symptoms or trying to train your animal out of a behavior, Energy Healing can help them get relief at the root of the issue. By working together with our pets, we can help them to get relief from the emotional distress causing their separation anxiety, possessiveness, resource guarding or peeing in the house.

The amazing the power of energy work means that as we help our animals heal, we are healing our underlying issues as well! 

I get it.

With over a decade of experience navigating through all sorts of physical, emotional and behavioral issues with my clients and my own animals, I understand how heartbreaking and scary it can be when our animals are struggling. I know the journey is not just about helping your animal, but helping YOU through the process as well.

You and your furry family member do not have to keep suffering through these challenges alone. With a couple of simple Energy Healing techniques anyone can do with their animal, in just a few minutes a day, you can make a huge difference in the quality of life and well-being of your animal. Not only will you feel empowered to be able to do Energy Healing with your animals, but your life is going to change based on the healing you will receive from your animals in the process.

As an expert energy healer, animal communicator, and equine experiential coach, I work closely with people and their animals to help them heal. I truly believe we ALL have the power to do this for ourselves and our animals, which is why I’ve created a 2-part LIVE class to show you exactly how YOU can help your animals live more balanced, healthier, happier lives.

Package A: Energy Healing for Animals
2-Part LIVE Masterclass

PLUS a group energy healing session and a BONUS mp3 Violet Light Meditation
In this 2-part LIVE Masterclass, you'll learn the benefits of Energy Healing with your own Animals. You'll discover one of the most powerful things you can do TODAY to start the healing process and deepen your connection to your animal at the same time. I'll conclude the class with a group energy healing session for you and your animal!

Class Dates:

April 23 & 24

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Central Time

*Classes will be recorded if you cannot attend live

Class 1: Connecting with Animal Energy

  • Explore the energetic connection between humans and animals.
  • Discuss the phenomenon of animals as healers for humans.
  • Learn how energy healing with animals differ from energy healing with humans.
  • Understand the importance of empathy and intuition when working with animal energy.
  • Delve into the benefits of sharing energy healing with animals.
  • Discover the significance of intention and mindfulness in energy healing for animals.
  • Understand the role of energy healing in supporting animals through trauma, stress, behavioral issues, and physical ailments.

Class 2: Healing Techniques

  • Practice hands-on exercises to develop your intuition and sensitivity to the animal’s energy field.
  • Learn two powerful and essential fundamental energy healing techniques you can use with your animal today!
  • Come together with fellow participants for a powerful group animal energy healing session lead by Anna Marie.
  • Apply the techniques learned over the two days to collectively send healing energy to animals
  • Share your insights and experiences with the group
  • Q&A: Ask any questions related to what was covered in either session.

By the end of this two-part Masterclass, you’ll not only have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of energy healing for animals, but also the practical skills and confidence to apply these techniques in your interactions with your own animals at home.

Note: Your animal does not need to be sick or experiencing behavioral challenges for Energy Healing to be of benefit. When we share the Energy Healing techniques taught in the Fundamentals of Energy Healing with Animals Class with our animals when they are feeling or doing well, you build trust and create a deeper bond and connection with your animal.

BONUS: Violet Light Meditation – 20 minutes

In addition to class, you will also get access to this meditation to help you connect with your animal and offer them space for healing.

Package B: Everything included in Package A PLUS
1 x 25-Minute Energy Healing Session (Retail Value: $444)

Want to superboost your animal’s healing?

In addition to the LIVE classes, this package includes a 25-Minute Energy Healing Session for your animal!

In my personalized individual sessions, I’ll connect directly with your animal to receive messages, guidance, and assistance on where to focus the intention of healing. Together, we’ll get to the root of the physical, emotional or behavioral challenges your animal is experiencing. By rebalancing the body’s energy systems and enhancing its natural state of self-healing, we can offer your animal a holistic approach to healing on all levels.

Any specific concerns you have for your animal can be addressed during a session as well. At times, I may receive an intuitive message for you during a session, which I will share with you at the end.

The benefits of an Energy Healing Session include:

  • Reduces aggression, fear and behavior problems
  • Relieves pain and reduces inflammation
  • Helps heal past physical, mental and emotional traumas
  • Speeds and supports the healing process from illness, injury or surgery
  • Reduces stress, depression, tension and anxiety
  • Lessens the side-effects of medications
  • Supports the immune system
  • Assists the body in releasing toxins
  • Brings inner peace by clearing spiritual and emotional imbalance
  • Eases pain and stress during end-of-life transitions

Package C: Everything included in Package A PLUS
3 x 25-Minute Energy Healing Sessions (Retail Value: $888)

Take your animal’s healing to the next level!

Some animals start to show signs of shifting and rebalancing energy after just one session. However, it usually takes a series of 3-5 healing sessions to really get the energy flowing as it was meant to, throughout their whole body. The energetic imbalances that might be causing physical, emotional, or behavioral issues for your animal have layers of cellular memory stored in the body. With each session, I’ll be able to access another layer and expand on the healing results of the previous session so you’ll start to see noticeable improvements in a shorter amount of time.


I gained a new level of understanding and insight

“Anna Marie has such an amazing and beautiful energy about her. It is very evident how much she loves and cares for the animals around her and they respond to her. She is a great teacher too. The material flows and she explains it thoroughly. I gained a new level of understanding and insight to Reiki with animals through Anna’s teaching.” — Angie, Reiki Master Teacher, Dyer, Indiana


Anna Marie is an exceptional instructor

“I highly recommend Anna Marie’s very practical class on animal healing techniques. She is an exceptional instructor who gives clear instructions, leads transformative meditations, offers insightful Q&A sessions, and gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her healing sessions with her own animals.” — Cathy


All can benefit from Anna Marie’s unique perspective

“Anna Marie truly wants to help us help animals, and ourselves. She is extremely generous in sharing her experiences and wisdom. She teaches energy healing techniques, and so much more! I am certified in Reiki for humans, and was already familiar with the subtle body before coming into this course. I found that there was still so much more to learn! Beginners, as well as those with some energy healing experience, can all benefit from Anna Marie’s unique perspective on healing with animals” —Stephanie

Anna Marie Ellison

Anna Marie Ellison is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, and Teacher with a soul purpose deeply rooted in the Transformational Power of Healing Animals. Her journey into the realm of intuitive healing unfolded through a series of challenging and heartbreaking experiences, where horses became her guides in navigating profound loss, overwhelming grief, and deep spiritual exploration. Along this transformative path, Anna Marie discovered a calling — to share her story and illuminate the path of love, life, and healing as revealed by the animals.

Through her online Energy Healing with Animals Certification Program, Anna Marie opens a portal for her students to access the profound wisdom shared with her by the thousands of animals she has worked with. Her mission extends beyond teaching animal lovers how to perform energy healing; it’s a passionate commitment to help others see healing and spiritual growth opportunities for themselves when they partner with animals as healers, teachers, and guides.

In addition to offering remote and in-person energy healing sessions and classes for animals and their humans, Anna Marie is a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, a Soul Level Intuitive Coach®, and a guide through Past Life with Pets Regressions. She is also the co-founder of the Intuitive Mastermind Academy – an online school dedicated to intuitive exploration and development.

Anna Marie is the creator of Healed by a Horse, an Equine Experiential Coaching & Healing program. From her ranch just outside of Chicago, she has established a sanctuary where physical, spiritual, and emotional awareness is cultivated, and the transformative process of healing and growth unfolds through interactive partnership with horses.

Anna Marie Ellison's Limited Time Special Offer A

26% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $333

Now Only $247

Anna Marie Ellison's Limited Time Special Offer B

33% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $444

Now Only $297

Anna Marie Ellison's Limited Time Special Offer C

27% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $888

Now Only $647


If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. Please note: There are no refunds granted after you have had your session with Anna Marie. We only allow two refunds per summit season, per customer. If you have any questions, please contact us at: