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Enjoy Angelic Guidance, Meditations and Affirmations with Anna Grace Taylor to help you heal your heart, clear your energy, awaken your divine gifts and manifest your desires!

PLUS, a one-on-one session with Anna!

Item 1: 30-Minute Intuitive Private Session with Anna Grace Taylor and the Angels

NOTE: These sessions are conducted via Zoom, Skype or Phone

A private session with Anna is a unique opportunity to receive personal guidance, support and energetic healing from the Angels and the Divine Feminine.

What Can You Expect During a Session?
As an Angel Therapist, Spiritual Mentor and Theta Healing Practitioner®, with over 10 years experience, Anna Grace Taylor uses a combination of skills to answer your questions, give you clarity, and support you with all aspects of life.

Your time together can include card reading, channelled guidance, energetic healing and balancing.

Is a Private Session for You?

Every session is always offered from Anna’s heart with the intention of reconnecting you to yours, and to the love and guidance that is ever-present within and around you.

You will benefit most from a session if you are willing to listen, prepared to reflect on the guidance given and ready to make changes that support your growth.

While she do use her psychic skills and receive messages that are specific and personal to you, a session is not solely based on predictions.

This can be a part of a reading, but the emphasis is to empower you in your own life, to be your guide as you release your fears and old stories; discover deeper peace, clarity, self-acceptance and freedom and awaken you to the beautiful truth of who you are: a Divine being having a human experience who is here to embrace it all.

Item 2: Archangel Raziel Meditation for Clarity and Manifestation, and Blessings for 2022 Affirmation (Retail Value: $80)

Join Anna Grace Taylor as you journey with Archangel Raziel into a sparkling crystal room where he’ll begin by clearing and re-energizing each of your chakras, bringing you clarity at the deepest level.

Archangel Raziel will then guide you to meet a future version of yourself where you’ll connect to your dreams and desires and your own innate ability to manifest them into physical reality.

2022 Affirmation Card

You can use this channeled

Item 3: Heart Chakra Meditation and Affirmation (Retail Value: $80)

Join Anna Grace Taylor for this soothing, deeply healing meditation with Mother Mary, Aphrodite and the Angels.

They’ll take you to a magical waterfall to help you release sadness, grief, anger, shame, unforgiveness and any old pain, and open your heart to experience more love for yourself and in all of your relationships. 

Heart Chakra Affirmation Card:

You can use this channeled, Angelic affirmation to remind you of the love that you are and help you attract love in all its forms.


Item 4: Archangel Uriel Meditation for Light, Wisdom and Inspiration & I Am Light Affirmation (Retail Value: $80)

Join Anna Grace Taylor as you meet Archangel Uriel and he reconnects you with the light within, illuminating your energy and your Divine path ahead.

His powerful energy will uplift your heart and mind and help you make clear, honest decisions that bring about positive, lasting change. 

I Am Light Affirmation Card

You can use this channelled, Angelic affirmation to keep your focus on your own inner light and to trust yourself deeply.

Item 5: Cord-Cutting Meditation with Archangel Michael & Letting Go Affirmation (Retail Value: $80)

Join Anna Grace Taylor and Archangel Michael where they invite you to release any energetic cords that are draining your energy and no longer serving you.

With his powerful sword of light, Archangel Michael gladly helps you let go of any fear-based attachments to people, behaviors and patterns to take back your power and move forward into your highest good.

Letting Go Affirmation Card

You can use this channeled, Angelic affirmation to support you in fully releasing and letting go.

Item 6: Relaxation and Grounding Meditation & Grounding Affirmation (Retail Value: $80)

Join Anna Grace Taylor as she leads you to meet your Guardian Angels at the beach to help you release tension, relax and ground yourself.

This powerful meditation will bring you back to your center during uncertain times, and leave you feeling more connected to your body as well as your Angels guidance.  

Grounding Affirmation Card:

You can use this channeled, Angelic affirmation to support you in anchoring yourself the Earth, to your body and all the blessings available to you in your humanity.


  • Anna Grace Taylor is an amazing intuitive, spiritual guide, and a very gifted channel to the Angelic realm.  Her loving nature puts you immediately in a calm and peaceful state so that messages from the Divine can come through.  I would recommend Anna to anyone seeking answers to life’s big questions as well as those looking for messages from their Angels.

    Radleigh Valentine
    Hay House Author and Spiritual Teacher
  • Anna Grace Taylor is the most connected, personification of love I have ever met. She has known pain, yet has prevailed; she has known struggle but has found strength; she has found limitation, yet never fears to look beyond. She is the awakener of souls, the break-opener of hearts, the shatterer of beliefs. You cannot be in her presence or have a session with her, without being touched by the love of All That Is. I’m so blessed to have her in my world.

    Cat Knott
    Transformational Mentor, Writer & Speaker
  • Although Anna had no pre-existing knowledge of me she asked me pointed questions that were spot on to what was happening in my life. I would whole-heartedly recommend Anna to anyone. She is not only a beautiful soul with an expansive heart and kind loving personality she is also the real deal. She has a divine connection and can see things in your life that she couldn’t possibly know about you unless she was hearing it from the angels.

    Cherie Barazandeh
  • Anna has helped me in so many ways – I always feel clearer and reassured after a reading with her. To me, it’s more about gentle guidance and advice for your direction and healing – as opposed to strict ‘this will happen then’ predictions, which can often let you down in many other readings. Although she does also have a knack for prediction, but in such a way that you don’t hang onto it, then you find you remember it once it has happened and look back and smile. Thank you Anna – I will always keep coming back when I am feeling the need for some clarity and guidance.

    Alice Law

Anna Grace Taylor

ANNA GRACE TAYLOR is an Angel Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Author, Singer, and Speaker who has been featured on BBC Radio and Hay House Radio. Using her natural intuitive gifts, developed by years of training and experience, Anna connects with Divine love and guidance to support people with all aspects of life and often acts as a catalyst for transformation for people all over the world.

Currently living in England, she is a loving and compassionate woman with a remarkable ability to empathize and communicate — sharing her Daily Messages of Grace and Weekly Angel Reading videos with millions of people on social media. Her bestselling book “Messages of Grace ~ 111 Notes of Love and Guidance from Your Angels” is available now on Amazon.

Anna Grace Taylor Limited Time Special Offer!

70% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $482

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