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Deep Dive Healing with Amy Leigh Mercree

In this ultra, deep dive package you will not only completely makeover your chakras for optimal health, but will talk with bestselling author and medical intuitive Amy Leigh Mercree in a 30-minute, one-on-one session to go in depth with her and your spirit guides on healing and more.

Amy will help you feel good again by assisting you in unlocking all of the incredible wisdom buried inside of you. Your body knows how to heal itself. And, your higher self knows how you have to change your so you can love it.

It is all within you. Its Amy’s job is to help you bring it out!

You and Amy will partner to talk directly to your spirit guides: the beings who love you unconditionally from beyond Earth. Your guides have an expanded view of your life and all realities.

They will show us the easiest, quickest, most efficient path for you to feel good again — and find the absolute root cause(s) of what ails you and how to fix it.

Item 1: Complete Chakra Healing Kit (Retail Value: $400)

As the bestselling author of the book “Little Bit of Chakras,” among other books, Amy created this kit to help you overhaul your health through a deep dive into your energy body.

Here is what you will receive in this kit:

  • A detailed introduction document taking you through how to use your kit.
  • An in-depth primer on all of your chakras, what they are and how they work.
  • 8 Chakra Healing Meditations (mp3s) to clean, clear and power up each chakra
  • 8 printable chakra affirmation posters
  • 8 printable chakra health memes that you can use as phone or computer wallpaper or print to remind you which chakra you would like to focus upon that day or week.
  • 8 deep dive summaries for the individual chakras. Each one includes:
    • Information on colors
    • Location in body
    • Purpose of the chakra
    • How to know when it is out of balance
    • How to balance the chakra
    • How to tell if it is balanced and what it will feel like
    • A mantra and an affirmation to say for each chakra
    • What foods to eat to strengthen each chakra
    • What yoga poses to do to enliven and heal it
    • Which crystal and essential oils help which each chakras
    • What you can wear for clothing and makeup to support each chakra
    • Health and beauty tips to support your chakras
    • A journaling prompt, a tip and activity to do to create health in each chakra.


Amy is also included all the information listed above for the following chakras:

  • Hand Chakras
  • Foot Chakras
  • Earth Star Chakra

Item 2: A 30-Minute, One-on-One Session with Amy Leigh Mcree

NOTE: Your one-on-one session will be held by phone (audio) unless you are outside of the United States and then it will be done with skype audio.

Here is what a session may include in Amy’s own words:

“I am so happy you are here. I’ve been where you are. 25 years ago, I was struggling to understand why my body was breaking down. Why I felt terrible. Why my reproductive system was a mess. Why my digestive system was painful. Why my skin was erupting in acne. What was my body doing to me? Why was I failing out of college and swirling in the drama of an unhealthy relationship? Why was my life not what I thought I wanted? Why didn’t I feel good? Why was my life an endless cycle of work and pain and feeling uncomfortable?

This challenge is what started me on what I call my medicine path — going deep within and learning from medicine teachers and healers. It started my journey inside of myself the ultimately not only healed all of those ailments and life imbalances it also helped me find my true purpose – the joy of helping you find the root cause of your pain a struggle, so you can heal and feel joy and pleasure.

I know you’re exhausted. You’re tired of the struggle.

We will partner to talk directly to your spirit guides: the beings who love you unconditionally from beyond earth. Your guides have an expanded view of your life and all realities. They will show us the easiest, quickest, most efficient path for you to feel good again. They will help us find the absolute root cause(s) of what ails you and tell us how to fix it.”


How a Session Works

Sessions are custom and based on what your spirit guides share. During the 30-mintue session, we will unearth the root cause of your health problems so you can come into balance and align with your heart’s desires.

The way a session begins is you get to share your questions and concerns. After that, Amy will say an opening invocation which is adapted from something shared with her by my late medicine teacher nearly 25 years ago. It invites your highest vibrational spirit guides to participate in the session. These may be ancestors, angelic guides, or other benevolent nonphysical beings.

After the invocation, Amy will let you know which guides want to talk with you and what they have to say. You will address your questions and concerns and find resolutions and answers. If there are health issues, she will find the root cause of the issues.

  • Amy unearth’s the root cause of your health problems so you can come into balance and align with your heart’s desires.
  • Together you will find the core reasons why you are suffering and hear directly from your spirit guides how to suffer less, feel better, and align with your heart’s desires and highest purpose.
  • She will use a bit of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist theory, a splash of Ayurveda, and a hearty dose of the shamanic traditions in which she was trained by her late medicine teacher.
  • You walk away with a list of remedies to help heal your body.
  • You may also clear ancestral density and the old emotional residue of your ancestors. This often includes ancestral trauma and energy ancestors who also didn’t process those emotions completely. Sometimes residue of those emotional energies can be passed down.
  • You may also uncover genes that were turned on and when — and Archangel Raphael is Amy’s partner in the medical intuitive work with genes. Raphael will come in and turn the gene off or on and then let you know how to can keep it that way.


  • Amy is extremely talented at what she does and her connection is quite beautiful. I was blown away by our session!  She was super helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend her!

    Suzanne Adams
    Author, Motivational Speaker
  • My session with Amy was not only empowering but enlightening. Amy really “got me” in regards to what I was seeking from her. I really look forward to continuing to work with Amy and having her shed some more of her expertise and guidance on me. She’s genuinely happy and willing to help you in any way she can. Her goal truly is to help others in an effort to raise the universal vibration.

    Madeline Diamonds
    Relationship & Confidence Coach & Spiritual Teacher
  • During my session with Amy, I immediately felt at ease and that I was in the right place. As she invited in my guides, I was SO curious, and honestly even a bit skeptical of having guides that could relay their message to me from someone else — even when I believe in this work! During our session, emotions came up from resonating with what I was being told, and had truth bumps up my arms the entire time. I received so much confirmation and guidance for my path, and new information I didn’t even know that was there for me! This was such a helpful session, and I’ve been in action right away. I am truly grateful to have found Amy, and look forward to another session with her in the near future. Thank you.

    Selin Bilgin
  • My session with Amy was extremely helpful, productive and enjoyable. Amy has an incredible gift, and I truly got so much information. I am now going through my four pages of notes and to dos, and it feels comforting to have an action plan straight from spirit! Amy guided me with confidence, knowledge, and kindness. Her connection to spirit is strong and accurate, and I can’t wait to work with Amy again!

    Ali Katz
  • Amy’s expert channeling and intuitive abilities have been very helpful to me in both my health and for figuring out how to build my business in my new location in South Florida. As someone who is always being asked for help, it was awesome to actually get some valuable, doable, and spot-on advice back!

    Karen Rauch Carter
    Feng shui and healthy lifestyle designer and national bestselling author of “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.”
  • It is without reservation that I endorse Amy and her medical intuitive services. Amy has helped me out with various health challenges over the last five years, and every time Amy has come through with helpful, insightful and actionable advice from Spirit. Most importantly however, is that Amy is able to help identify and address the root cause of health challenges, so that things can be addressed and dealt with once and for all. Amy is the real deal, don’t hesitate to reach out to her. You can pay more for some better known (more promoted) medical intuitives, but you won’t get more. Amy rocks!

  • My reading with Amy Leigh Mercree was amazing! She immediately cut to the quick on my issues on all levels. This was deep! I want to call her back for more!

    Lorisha Loren
  • Thank you very much for the reading, it was very powerful and has brought me to a whole new place of being. I’m very grateful for the healing I received and for your help in connecting with my masculinity . . . I am much more whole than I was before. It’s amazing how much stronger and solid my back is!

    Washington State client
  • Amy has given inspiring guidance that has enhanced my personal growth and helped me in the management of my life, business and family. She acknowledged my inner essence and her loving caring nature has helped me with daily decision making and brought me profound personal healing.

    President, Home Management Company
  • My first initial experiences with Amy began as a healer. Amy has an amazing ability to link up to SOURCE, with clear reception (no, “can you hear me now?”) and bring the spiritual INTO the REAL WORLD in such a healing, soothing understanding, believable way.

    Aimee DeRoehn
    Owner, Road Home Power Yoga
  • Speaking with Amy felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend. She was so easy to speak to and the time flew by. I cannot wait to book another session…30 minutes definitely was not enough. Thank you for taking the time.

    Lauren Liles

Amy Leigh Mercree

AMY LEIGH MERCREE is a medical intuitive with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in spirit guides with a focus on shamanism, chakras, and holistic wellness. Amy is a bestselling author of 15 books, media personality, holistic health expert, and medical intuitive. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Medicine Woman Bootcamp, Meet Your Guides, and Goddess Shamanism, and Mindfulness Meditation classes.Mercree has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Women’s Health, Inc. Magazine, Shape, Poosh, The Huffington Post, Your Tango, Soul and Spirit Magazine, Mind Body Green, CBS, NBC, Hello Giggles, Reader’s Digest, and many more. She has been an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive for over 20 years and has helped thousands of people find the root causes of numerous mild and moderate medical conditions and uncover their bodies wisdom to heal permanently.

Amy Leigh Mercree Limited Time Special Offer!

57% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $695



If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: