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Ambujam's Power Healing® Package

Participate in a LIVE group healing with Ambujam Rose (replay included), and access 4 Accelerated Healing mp3s in this Power Healing package!

Item 1: Ambujam's LIVE Group Power Healing® Embody Your Truth, Empower Yourself (Retail Value: $97)

Date & Time:
Sunday, April 21st
12:00p-1:30p ET (New York Time)

  • Attend LIVE Zoom call or receive full healing via proxy
  • Call in anytime during the LIVE webinar call
  • Free replay posted after session

Many of us were brought up to go against our knowing. We were taught not trust ourselves, to look outside ourselves and taught to vacate ourselves.

These false teachings are now over. It ends now.

You’re now healing, reconciling and completing ALL of your significant Soul history, past life and this life dis-empowering cycles, choices and patterns so you CAN empower yourself and own your truths.

You’re creating the most subtlest of foundational changes within your multi-dimensional consciousness all the way through and down to your human and body changes.

You’re creating a whole new life from the ground up and your choices have more weight than ever. 

This session brings accelerated healing, clearing and awakening to all the specific layers you’ve been working with and clears out the old energy patterns so you can embody your truth and self-empowerment EFFORTLESSLY! 

All you need to do is just be and the session will do the rest! 

Each Group Power Healing® session is one-of-a-kind because they always work with where you are on your healing-awakening path to embody who you are now easier. You will experience:

  • Your specific and significant multi-parts and Soul History related to you embodying yourself, your truth, your trust come with you to this session for accelerated healing, understanding, awakening, completing and letting go of the old.  
  • Receive EFFORTLESS accelerated healing and clearing for your old no-longer-relevant inner consciousness, Soul and Spiritual history, cellular held experiences, this-life stuff, energies, root causes of life-themes and release identity related to you being who you are stemming back through lifetimes.
  • As these parts of you heal and free up, you EFFORTLESSLY align, awaken and integrate in wholeness and activate self-empowerment consciousnesses within yourself.
  • Receive specific information, empowering guidance and teachings for how to navigate your new changes, your spiritual quickening and living your highest path of deepest inner truth at this time.
  • You will partner with the current energy activations, spiritual shifts and what’s up and coming to move you through your changes as easy as possible. 
  • Ambujam always works with the current spiritual shifts to help you heal faster, awaken easier and move through your changes as easily as possible.
  • Release/move beyond layers and layers of: ego, old identities, old pain, confusions, energy attachments, stories, beliefs, the roots of original energy patterns, dis-empowerments, trapped emotions, traumas, that weird funky stuff that’s hard to name, past-life energies and root causes of old ways of being, this life emotional energies and ways of being, old choices that no longer serve… the list of it all is unlimited because YOU bring it all in the moment.

Item 2: Self-Empowerment Accelerated Healing 4 Session MP3 Series (Retail Value: $146)

When you are on the journey of awakening into who you really are, all your old ways of living no longer work right?! We keep looking for everything to work the same but it cannot. We can no longer live from the concepts of things but from the truth of things. This series helps you with your everyday experiences of awakening into who we truly are. We address specific topics to support your journey of truth and ease your spiritual up-levelings. Receive deep support for living and being truth, trusting yourself and your process and connecting to your deepest truth within.

Each Self-Empowerment Accelerated Healing 4 Session Series MP3s are in 3 parts:

  • Teaching
  • Guided meditation
  • Accelerated healing

Session 1: How to Navigate the Unknown (Duration: 29:51)

  • Why you’re more in the unknown more then ever
  • Allowing your fear parts to come forward for understanding and healing
  • Learning how the unknown is the new normal
  • Accelerated healing for fear of the unknown

Session 2: Receiving (Duration: 37:20)

  • Connect with your true frequencies of receiving
  • Connect with your effortless receiving
  • Allowing the parts of you afraid to receive again to come forward
  • Accelerated healing for receiving

Session 3: True Self-Empowerment (Duration: 34:58)

  • What is True Self-Empowerment? Why has it been so hard to hold onto it?
  • Feel and connect with your true self-empowerment energy, frequencies, consciousness
  • Accelerated healing to deepen, deepen deepen into BEING true self empowerment. Clear many subtle layers of older denser consciousness as you deepen.

Session 4: Integration and Embodiment for Sessions 1-3 (Duration: 14:05)

  • Receive deep integration and embodiment of all your healings, changes, understandings and deeper self-awareness from sessions 1-3.


“Absolutely transformational! The fastest way I found to uncover who one truly is! Blocks, fears, traumas, EVERYTHING that needs to go from way, way, way, back. You just have to sit and be and Spirit does the rest! AMAZING! I wholeheartedly recommend Ambujam’s Group Power Healing® sessions to anyone wanting to free themselves!” — Gwyneth, UK


A Huge Releasing Shift
“Ambujam is a powerhouse! She goes straight into the energy that needs to be shifted out. Highly recommend her incredible Group Power Healing® sessions to everyone because they speak directly to you! There has been a huge releasing shift within me, an upgrading of my consciousness and understanding, as well as a reduction in physical aches and pains. Magic!!” — Julie, AU


So Powerful and Deeply Effective
“Omg Ambujam’s work is truly one of a kind. She creates such a beautiful safe space and the work is done on such an incredible high level that the soul and higher self is in charge of the healing. You don’t have to sit with the pain and reliving years of trauma. it is SO powerful and deeply effective.” — Cheryl Anne


Very Powerful
“I am on my journey of awakening for years already, working with many healers. Then I find Ambujam and start to attend group clearings in May 2023 and almost every week since! I started to know my true self, speaking my truth and clearing lots of trauma and other issues. These group clearings meet you exactly where you are on your path and are very powerful. Ambujam is kind, authentic, even fun. The healer with lots of Trust.” — Mateja


More Grounded, Living In Trust and Ease
“What I really appreciate about Ambujam is that I feel like I don’t have to put in effort and work. It is so nurturing to experience profound healing and awakening while getting to simply rest in the process. Not only is this relaxing, but it also allows me to feel worthy without having to be productive. I also love that Ambujam connects with the Truth of who I am, and this facilitates a greater connection to this Truth within myself. I am more grounded and present, and living in more trust and ease with life, because of Ambujam.”— Rosemary


Let Go of Old Thoughts, Habits and Patterns
“The Group Power Healing® sessions have allowed me to let go of old thoughts, habits, and patterns. I was surprised to see that those situations or people no longer triggered old reactions. I realized that there was a whole new way of seeing life and it has opened me to responding in new and healthier ways in my interactions with people and situations. I am deeply grateful to all involved in the Group Power Healing® for speeding me along my path.” — Kathryn


Deeply Healed at a Soul Level
“Ambujam is a unique and highly gifted healer and her Group Power Healing® sessions have been a huge contribution to my healing on multiple levels. Her rare combination of humor, skill and compassion always helps me enjoy the sessions as well as feel deeply transformed through them. I always find it amazing how the group sessions work with everyone in the group, yet afterwards, I feel it was just for me! I come out of them feeling cleared of layers of gunk and receive deeper insights into patterns and themes spanning lifetimes. I feel I’ve deeply healed at a soul level and come back more and more into the truth of who I am.” — Emily


A Deeper Sense of Connection
“Each session is like hearing your own Soul speak directly to your human self-offering insights, understanding, support and guidance, which brings a deeper sense of connection and great peace to your human self. All held in a sacred space of community and empowerment. There are no words for how much I value and appreciate these sessions.” — Donna

Ambujam Rose

AMBUJAM ROSE is a Quantum Energy Healer, Awakening and Self-Embodiment Activator, Wayshower and Guide. Ambujam’s one-of-a-kind Group Power Healing® leaps you forward through thresholds of inner healing that would have normally taken weeks, months, decades, lifetimes!

Group Power Healing® attracts kickass highly attuned individuals dedicated to their healing, living truth, empowerment and self-realization -no matter what. This type of synergy creates an accelerated healing power field catapulting inner growth, evolution and awakening for all attending. You instantly clear out roots of old energy patterns, making space to awaken and embody faster into your next levels. Group Power Healing® unlocks your inner-knowing, amplifies true self, energizes your heart’s truth and anchors self-embodiment. Ambujam’s work has accelerated the path to freedom for 30 years.

Ambujam Rose's Limited Time Special Offer

62% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $234

Now Only $97


If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. However, we only allow 2 refunds per summit season, per customer. If you have any questions, please contact us at: