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Package A: Uplift on Light

Experience 7 Auric Healings from Creator Being Spirit Masters

If you are seeking solid and FASTER growth on a soul level, Alicia Power presents package of Creator-Light Akashic Surgery Sessions, for building your Soul Capacity higher.

This package of powerful spirit surgeries will:

  • Initiate you into Higher Vibration by upgrading and rewiring your auric light-waves
  • Opens doors for you into higher Parallel Reality Streams that present better life opportunities
  • Takes you to heaven
  • Forgives your soul wounds
  • Gives you core strength
  • Shifts your Soul Higher


With Master Healer Alicia Power

After 30 years of auric healing training directly from Senior Spirit Mentors, Alicia brings a depth of power and acceleration to each session. Her Spirit Mentors arrive to guide you within your personal moment with them.

Each healing will REWIRE YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND so that it CHOOSES more accurately to achieve Soul Fulfillment.

Healing 1: Painful Beliefs from Past Lives mp3

Are you afraid of your power? Or of being seen?

If you’d like to be more public with your Soul Gift, this deep soul healing is critical.

Surgical Transmutation of Past Life Trauma

Many of us have been in roles of power in past lives — and even today we can feel the devastating legacy of failure in these roles.

Or, we can experience debilitating ongoing pain-filled themes that can repeat over many human lifetimes — and unfortunately can still be part of our psychology today.

In this potent healing you will be guided by Spirit Technicians to FEEL a memory deep inside your heart, that speaks to a more powerful you, a fearless you.

You will be taken over the threshold into a new empowered force inside of you.

And here . . . you will begin to adjust to new feelings of empowerment — above hesitation and doubt, about your deep commitment to soul serve in this lifetime.

(33 Minute Spirit Energized Recording)

Healing 2: Watch a Spirit Heal Your Self-Love mp3

A Powerful Healing . . . 39 minutes of watching your Guide REACH IN to your being and Rewire Your Fear of Not Being Loved . . . (often the root cause of our lack of self-love).

This healing is for you if you long to feel safer in your heart —that you are loved and are lovable. We all need this one!

After 30 years of partnering with Senior Spirit Tutors, Alicia calls these healing sessions “super deep and exponential in the speed of YOUR consciousness re-patterning.”

Most of us have experienced childhoods where our soul-level needed to feel loved but felt inadequate.

As an Advanced Auric Healer, Alicia knows most people have had previous soul-existences that left them deeply wounded at their core.

During this healing session, her accelerated Senior Spirit Tutors will scan your unique soul history. They will then gently reach in these deep wounds — and rewire them, permanently.

Regularly experiencing such accelerated auric-rewiring builds a real inner strength and empowerment. A sense of calm, certainty and self-love. 

39 minute Spirit Energized Recording

Healing 3: Fear Release for Your Heart mp3

An Angelic Reprieve

Feel Lighter Immediately!

Experience an extraordinary Surgical Transmutation of what is Weighing on Your Heart.

We soak up fear from the news, or life can just feel too hard!

Lately global, as well as personal, issues have been difficult to ignore.

As a human family we FEEL disharmony acutely. We may feel uncertain and restless — and fearful. Or, maybe just plain angry that shadow is toying with us through the media or other people.

Alicia was guided to offer this beautiful, timely healing for everyone!

She feels we ALL have been working hard recently to stay in equilibrium — to stay in our fearlessness. To stay in love and joy!

Life can SO catch us by surprise, where we may find ourselves giving and giving, and then feeling depleted.

Or world events can seem beyond our control and fearful. Or we simply become weary of working hard, staying calm and only just managing our lives that can feel on the edge of chaos.

In this Spirit Surgery Session with Alicia’s Creator Being Technicians, you will DIVE IN to glorious love, super high spirit light, and real healing of your heart.

It’s time to lighten up!

42 Minute Spirit Energized Recording

Healing 4: Self-Image Rewiring mp3

The ‘way you think about yourself’ will be rewired!

You feel differently about YOURSELF.

And your life shows up differently for you!

Would YOU love some spirit help to be your best, higher version of yourself?

Alicia’s spirit healer guides (super high authority beings) can REWIRE your subconscious – SO that YOU think differently ABOUT YOURSELF.

In doing this you will meet your challenges, your new projects, your hope for a ‘higher you’ – with a deeper power.

We ALL want our present and our futures to meet our highest expectations. We want the world to be kinder – to be more compassionate. We want humanity to be more intelligent with its choices. And, we want OUR lives to be happier.

We know that happiness comes from inner equilibrium and contribution. When you help an elderly lady across a street, when you speak from your heart to change lives, when you call your friend who feels alone – such simple actions give YOU happiness.

In this wonderful Spirit Surgery and rewiring, my spirit tutors provide a deep healing to CHANGE THE FOUNDATION of your consciousness.

45 minute Spirit Energized Recording.

Healing 5: Effective Prayer Initiation mp3

A Potent Moment with your Guide . . . 

Alicia will guide you into a deep beyond-time “prayer moment” where you are surrounded by Creator Being High Authority Spirit Beings that love and care for you.

You WILL be heard and this moment WILL change your life.

Alicia’s spirit tutors initiated this powerful healing event for you!

They are very clear that this is NOT a ‘how to’ training, but rather a REAL, powerful, deep MOMENT they want to provide for you.

This will be a PURE experience for you.

Simply a deep dive into source-energy, to create a POWERFUL MOMENT with you and your guides so that they HEAR YOUR PRAYER effectively.

And here’s why:

Your spirit mentors rely on your STATE to hear you effectively!

THAT is why they are offering this ‘tuned up’ accelerated experience FOR YOU.

This is your opportunity.

43 minute Spirit Energized Recording.

Healing 6: Core Soul Upgrade mp3

Alicia’s Senior Spirit Tutors gave her this powerful message:

 “We can’t wait any longer. We WANT to move as many people forward in their soul evolution as possible.” 

In this powerful session there will be moments of stillness where the spirit technicians work deep in your aura . . .

This session will re-pattern your CORE Soul Wounds.

Over 30 years observing ‘soul bodies’ and auras Alicia witnessed there are nearly unlimited spirit LAYERS of YOU. Lower layers and higher layers to your aura.

Only extremely High Authority Light Mentors are allowed to touch, or access normally out-of-bounds sections of those layers: which include certain private files of your Akashic Records.

The Creator Spirit Beings I’ve worked with for decades, use the term ‘Soul Core’ to describe layers of your soul energy body that formed near the very earliest moments when your soul was ‘birthing’ — way before it ever started any human incarnations

This true CORE soul layer will be scanned, healed and strengthened.

It’s the bedrock of YOU.

 54 minute Spirit Energized Recording

Healing 7: Creating Heaven mp3

Powerful Upgrade Initiation

And initiation to hold love as a constant state, creating a path to calm.

This initiation is a blessed commitment to you — a Sacred Gift from Creator Beings of Love.

They will literally pick you up and place you on a new inner platform of stability inside.

Have you ever longed to hold your state above your fear thoughts?

Have you ever hoped you could stay in calm inner stillness beyond some of your deepest fears?

The profound ‘Spirit Power’ of high authority beings, rewires you a t a depth no human can access.

In this 52-minute, fast-paced training and healing you will FEEL these beings opening your psychic heart, healing fear and placing you on a path of calm.

We ALL need this. Life IS challenging, and having a buffer and safety net inside us takes the edge off daily anxiety.

And keeps us in a state of LOVE and CALM.

Alicia personally attests to this long term result in her life.

She says she knows it is ONLY the deep commitment of her spirit helpers to hold her in love and ease, that moves her gently through her days.

In this session you will experience:

  • Strengthening to get to BUOYANCY
  • Skill-building
  • Healing and clearing
  • Partnering Initiation with Alicia’s Senior Spirit Mentors
  • Discover simple daily tools
  • A Life-changing commitment from Spirit


Enjoy this truly once in a lifetime SPIRIT INITIATION… you will be loved, and healed, deeply.

52 minute Spirit Energized Recording


Package B: Uplift on Light PLUS Creator Beings Heal Your Soul Wounds

Creator Beings Heal Your Soul Wounds

Life Changing Training with Spirit communicator Alicia Power


Alicia’s Spirit Tutors would like to treat you to a deep SOUL WOUND HEALING.  

You will begin by learning about the complexity of SOUL WOUNDS, and the common types to many people.

Then you will allow Spirit Surgeons to travel deep into our Akashic Records, find one or two of these super deep wounds, and begin the process of HEALING them.   

Nothing about healing Soul Wounds is simple. The Spirit Surgeons carefully observe the entire circumstances involved in the moment (or lifetime) of wounding.

They also observe the psychic energies involved in that moment – AND their lineages. They gain permissions from all interested parties to your soul, and they do much more!

They start a process of reclaiming that part of your soul… They communicate with that part of your soul, find out its story, what happened to it, and begin to coax it gently back to freedom and power. While at the same time, ‘loading’ huge quantities of new consciousness data into that section of your soul body. So that it thinks about itself ‘differently.’ 

This is an opportunity to elevate, strengthen and move into higher empowerment.  

  1. The 4 Types of Ancient Soul Wounds we carry.
  2. 20-30 mins of deep scanning to your deepest soul wounds
  3. A deep release and reconstruction at a soul core level. 
  4. Receive NEW uplifting – life changing – software AFTER the wounds clearing.

1-Hour and 15 Minute Experience


“Alicia, Thank you so much for this. I was touched to tears. Love” ~ L.B.

“Thank you Alicia! I am feeling the power of your work and am very excited to have tools for precision in working with the spirit world available to me. I had recently been asking for the highest level energy beings to work with me and that is when I discovered you…no accident. My soul loves this work.” ~ B.G.

“Thank you dearest Alicia….. Your recordings clarify a lot of information that is not readily available. And your sincerity to help and integrity shines through!” ~ R.J.

“This is beautiful, powerful and so very practical all presented with grace, joy and love! Thank you, Alicia, for your loving soul!” ~ J.F.

“Thank you Alicia, I am sad to be at the end of this audio course with you. You have been in my pocket every day. It has been amazing in so many ways! I have been able to access deep inside of me. I am so grateful for all your teachings – and now onto the next course! So GREAT and excited !! Thank you for sharing all of you with us. You have a huge purpose and are doing it so well. I am blessed to have you in my life and trust someday we will meet in person.
Love always, xo” ~ P.N.

“Alicia, I’m in love with you and your Spirit Tutor’s work. Magical things have happened, since I began listening to your mp3’s. Very exciting!” ~ S.B.

Alicia Power

ALICIA POWER is a Master Energy Healer and Spirit Telepath, and has been psychically trained by Senior Spirit Mentors for over 30 years. These years of training and intense initiations means she holds knowledge and ‘high spiritual authority’ to accelerate your soul evolution, soul wound history and spiritual leadership. The 3 decades of partnering with senior spirits in daily etheric energy healing have also given Alicia a forensic knowledge of powerful auric healing techniques, as well as experience in how spirit guides evolve a soul under their mentorship.

Alicia has authored over 20 online courses and is a frequent guest on consciousness tele-summits, offering her audiences and students regular group spirit healing events where participants receive soul upgrades, Akashic Wounds clearing and psychic empowerment training.

Alicia Power Limited Time Special Offer Package A

51% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $200

Now Only $97

Alicia Power Limited Time Special Offer Package B

55% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $297

Now Only $134


If you are not 100% satisfied that this investment will assist you in your personal development, then you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund with no further obligations or commitments on your part. If you have any questions, please contact us at: