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Walking with Your Soul Course: Remember the True Power of Your Soul

An Exploration Of Your Soul – A Homecoming

Every word in this course is channeled from Spirit, by Advanced Spirit Telepath and Healer Alicia Power who has been trained by senior spirit mentors for over 30 years.

These Beings are longing to show you WHO you really are! To ‘look into the mirror’ and SEE, feel and know the YOU that THEY have known for millennia! Get ready to discover WHO you are beyond this life. Get to know WHO is looking out of your eyes. Spend TIME with your precious HIGHER SELF. . . Notice what it wants. Find out if it yearns to convey an important message to your human self. Discover MORE about your SOUL JOURNEY before this life, and if your soul needs your attention on a critical focus BEFORE the end of THIS life. Find out why you feel compulsive in your pushing forward towards higher learning.


From Alicia:
“I’m so excited to finally help you MEET YOUR DIVINE SOUL!

You will be awed and explode in love, inside the profound channeled practices, the inner visualizations, the gentle tweaking from my Senior Guides as you WALK WITH YOUR SOUL…deeper and deeper into your connection. You are finally MEETING ‘the one’ WHO you ARE.

A reunion beyond time and space. And, it’s ABOUT TIME!”

Item 1: Introductions to Understanding Your Soul (Audio mp3)

Module 1: The Profound Power of Soul Purpose

  • The search for higher purpose – why is this important? What motivates people to seek a higher purpose?
  • WHY is it important to learn about our soul?
  • How can NOT striving for ‘life meaning’ – affect our lives?
  • How can learning about our soul add power to our lives?
  • Why is Alicia’s knowledge unique?
  • Receive insights direct from spirit about how your life activates growth
  • Uncover fresh purpose to your human lifetime
  • Learn what relentlessly pushes you forward in your life Deepen your expertise on the topic of ‘Soul Purpose’
  • Expand your own core motivation to be ‘on-purpose’

Module 2: Conversations with Your Soul

  • What value would a discussion with my soul give me?
  • Is my soul real?
  • Understand what your longing for purpose really means.
  • Fulfilling our life purpose seems very out of reach sometimes. Can conversing with our soul help us reach this amazing goal?
  • Uncover your own deep drive to unlock the power of purpose
  • Discover what your soul can teach you
  • Discover the amazing acceleration activated by dialoguing with your soul
  • Open a training portal to life-long soul fulfillment
  • Learn from a Master Soul Facilitator

Module 3: Soul Longing De-Mystified

  • We all feel a soul longing…. What is that?
  • How can we explore our longing for Soul Purpose?
  • How can discussions with my soul accelerate the unfolding of my soul potential?
  • Discover steps to fulfill your highest potential
  • Learn a powerful yet simple way to unfold your soul purpose
  • Explore processes to awaken your ‘Soul Purpose’ motivation
  • Discover more about your soul longing and its meaning

Item 2: Instructions: How to Use This Course (PDF & Audio)

Alicia reveals the secret value of this course and why you’ll want to use its power to clarify your life regularly, to stay on track. Enjoy a short Overview and Instructions on the Course.

PREPERATION MEDITATION – Awakening Your Hunger to Grow

Alicia takes you by the hand and queries WITH you WHY you feel you are here… and the real value you hope to gain from this lifetime.

This meditation will help you remember your deepest longing for guidance, and authentic spiritual evolution. Helping you focus more deeply as you explore the awakening processes in “Walking With Your Soul.”

Item 3: The Course: Walking
With Your Soul (PDFs and Audio)

“Walking With Your Soul” as a spiritual curriculum is potent, unique and life changing. And is designed by Spirit to awaken an individual’s deepest strength and capability in this lifetime.

This course is dictated word for word by the senior spirit beings of light. Who WANT you to MEET the SOUL that you ARE . . . And fall in LOVE.


Each module of this course below consists of:

Channeled Background Training from Senior Spirit Guides

Deep Processes

Channeled Audio Practice (12 to 15 minutes)

Homework Exercises 

Module 1: Introduction: Ancient Knowledge, Memories and An Agenda

A powerful opening training, that takes you into the deep end straight away, with dialoging with your Soul. Techniques, how- to’s, tools and practices.

Introducing – Your Soul! Alicia provides an intriguing background to the length and breadth of your soul.

After psychically facilitating souls for decades, Alicia and her Guides pull back the curtain and disclose important insights and details about your soul’s long journey.

Plus your first connection process – with important questions that open the truth of your soul’s needs.

#1 Practice Audio: Your First Meeting

Deep Meditation: An easy first connection with your soul guided by Alicia. A simple process that will expand your heart as you commune and feel your soul’s essence. Your first heartfelt dialogue will reveal new valuable awareness for you.

Module 2: Exploring Your Soul’s Fears
Alicia introduces the powerful discussion of your Soul History – and the extraordinary courage of your soul to learn to love beyond fear.

Through deep processes and tools, you will be gently introduced to your soul’s hidden depth, and its memories from its ancient past.

Explore powerful techniques that heal your soul’s essence – and show you how to lovingly care for your soul.


#2 Practice Audio

Deep Meditation: Alicia guides you into a caring healing moment with your soul. Your soul has an opportunity to reveal hidden fears and grief it has stored for a long time. This is a beautiful mentoring space to support your courageous soul.

Module 3: Keeping Your Soul Happy
Alicia reveals important unknown secrets of the soul – and the true needs of your soul.

In this module you will discover key knowledge how to interpret signals in your life that your soul is in urgent need of attention! This module could literally save your life!

Learn how your soul MAKES CHOICES that affect YOU in your human life – and discover specific ways to ENSURE it stays calm and happy.

“If the soul is traumatized by our circumstances it may decide to give up on its higher mission. And that would be a sad unfulfilling decision….”


#3 Practice Audio

Deep Meditation: A wonderful communion with your soul where you focus on your soul’s opinions and needs for your current life. It’s a chance to understand how your soul feels about your life choices. This can be eye-opening!


Module 4: Giving Your Soul a Voice
This module takes you deep into spirit-led revelations of realizing how your soul yearns for ‘soul expression’ every

moment of your day. For example, in every situation you find yourself, your soul is assessing whether it wants to communicate through you to someone else.

An extraordinary module where Spirit talks to us and reveals your soul’s higher agenda.

Wonderful transformative processes that train your human self to surrender to the expression of your soul.


#4 Practice Audio

Deep Meditation: Witness your soul expressing its powerful, honest truth — straight from the courage of your heart. Alicia guides you into a moment of witnessing and recognizing a higher ‘you.’

Module 5: Getting to Know Your ‘Highest Soul Self’
Enjoy a more in depth conversation about the higher ‘layers’ of your soul. A powerful training where you encounter your HIGHEST SOUL SELF… feel it and commune with it.

This module is an exploration of ‘Self Realization’. It begins an awakening and introduction to that part of you that is in its Highest Form of Light.

In the profound processes in this module, you will meet and get acquainted with a part of you that is ultimately empowered, clear and free. And the feeling and remembrance of this moment will stay with you forever.


#5 Practice Audio

Deep Meditation: A blessed inner journey you will repeat often, to connect with your Highest Soul Self. This blissful higher love journey will heal and nourish your deepest soul.

Module 6: Meeting Your Beloved Soul Mentors
Alicia will introduce you to your love filled Soul Mentors who have been observing your Development Path over thousands of soul existences!

You will learn more about these personal mentor Spirit Guides, how they support you and where you have enjoyed their company before in other layers of spirit.

Also learn how to start a re-training program with them to remember yourself as ‘soul’.


#6 Practice Audio

Deep Meditation: Alicia helps you connect with your Soul Mentors and trains you how to spend time with them. A wonderful inner journey that awakens new skills in dialoguing with your personal Spirit Tutors. You will also discover new awareness of your Soul’s vast journey. An important practice audio!

Module 7: The Energy Body of Your Soul — and How to Look After It
This module discusses the ‘energy fabric’ your soul is made of. Learn about the subtle field of light that your ‘soul’ sits within… how it works – and how to keep it safe, clean and strong.

Alicia teaches how to clear it quickly from sadness and other uncomfortable feelings, so you feel loved and motivated in your life.


#7 Practice Audio

Deep Meditation: Alicia introduces you to the ‘body’ of your soul. Access simple tools to change how you feel instantly by working directly with your soul ‘aura.’ This also immediately uplifts how you think and make choices.

Item 4: Post Course: 2 Deep Soul Meditations

  1. Commune with Your Soul – A Final Joy Bath (10 minutes)

This meditation is an exquisite and simple ‘walk with your soul….’ It is a time to ‘be’ with your soul without judgement.

Enjoy a beautiful spiritual communing where your human self simply explores the exquisite beauty of your soul – as a being that loves you and cares for you.

This meditation will take you beyond your logic and will impress on your conscious mind how real your soul truly is. 

  1. High Light Activation, Soul Healing, Merging with Your Higher Soul (40 minutes)

Through a powerful visualization guided by Alicia’s Spirit Tutors, you will be taken into High Frequency states of love where Beings Of Love and Light will heal, reconstruct and awaken your lower human aura and bridge it to your Higher Soul Aura.

You will be gently held in love while teams of Light Beings heal and connect the membranes between your lower and Higher Soul energy fields. Also during this meditation, ancient soul wounds will be assessed and released by extraordinary High Light Beings.

The result of this ‘re-wiring’ may be subtle, though it is likely you will think and feel differently after this divine process. Also, your human lifetime may shift towards a higher platform of being-ness.

Alicia recommends repeating this meditation regularly to access these phenomenal High Authority Light Beings who can change the fabric of your being into strength and clarity.


  • Wow – this program is awesome! I love that it is clear and streamlined, yet really comprehensive. I am amazed at how strongly I sensed my soul’s presence, and how easily I could understand the simple, yet profound messages she wanted to communicate to me. One “aha moment” I had was realizing that when I am in this nourishing, energized state, I am in communion with not only the most beautiful essence of myself, but am also able to communicate with the most sacred aspect of others I now feel so much more expanded, yet at the same time really anchored in the deepest, most unchanging part of myself, which is like a compass and allows me to relax – it’s like having an oasis in the desert. Thank you!
    Emma French
  • With this training, I already feel my heart opening so brightly, my smile widening, and a clarity of purpose developing. It is liberating to feel the confidence, wisdom, and loving presence of my soul, and to fearlessly be able to share her truth. I have made “Walking With My Soul” my number one priority and commitment this year, and already I see this course as the best thing I have ever done for myself, and for others. Every human being I know would benefit from taking this course. As it is the answer to our prayer, providing an easy-to-follow guide to our soul, with simple tools and training – for self-realization and living our Soul Purpose. Thank you Alicia! So happy!
    Ruth Caplin
  • I have been on my spiritual quest for 35+ years meandering through, sometimes scenic routes, interesting archaeological excavations, and arid, starless deserts. Your Walking With My Soul course became my fast-track, speed networking to my Soul and Spiritual Mentors. During my years of spiritual quest, I searched for collaborative kindred spirits to accompany me, but often we each had our own agendas and timeline schedules. I am now developing heartfelt relationships with my Soul and Spiritual Mentors… my intimate Coach Consultants. They truly and sincerely have my best interests at heart — with no strings attached! I am now lovingly being rewired and taught to respect and hold myself in my highest esteem and to no longer abdicate my sovereignty. This Shift has been a profound all-encompassing lifestyle shift which leaves me feeling nourished — from the inside and out — and feeling more hopeful, joyous and clearer everyday. Thank you, Alicia. What beautiful work!
    Anna Nash
  • Whether you’re new to this world of spirituality or travelled the road for a while, the journey is gentle and incremental, letting you go deeper and deeper, profoundly. The steps appear small but are actually quite major. It is extremely practical with the processes that Alicia uses. These processes everyone could use. That is the fantastic thing about it.

Alicia Power

Master Energy Healer and Spirit Telepath, Alicia Power has been trained directly by Creator Level Spirit Being Mentors for over 30 years. These intense decades of partnerships at senior levels of spirit means she has been initiated into ‘high spiritual authority’ to activate fast change to a person’s soul direction, soul wound history, and spiritual leadership. These decades of training at senior spirit levels have given Alicia a forensic knowledge of auric healing techniques , and an awareness of how such senior authority spirit mentors evolve a soul under their care.

Alicia Power Limited Time Special Offer!

34% Off for Elevated Existence Summit Listeners!

Retail Value $147



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